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Feb 22/16

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Bronwen Partners with The TESS Research Foundation


By Ashley Lodato   It began as a love story. High school sweethearts followed each other to college at Princeton, then launched their married lives as graduate students at Oxford. Ambition and intellect foretold advanced degrees and illustrious careers for both Zach and Kimberly Nye but life, as so often happens, intervened. With the birth of their first daughter, […]

Jun 23/15

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Protecting the Family Jewels


Like your art, your jewelry seems tailor-made for display. Silver sparkles and gold shimmers, bright colors complement and contrast, earth tones provide balance. A vibrant pottery bowl filled with beaded bracelets invites a closer look; a piece of lace threaded with pairs of earrings becomes an intricate tapestry; a row of necklaces on vintage hooks […]

May 20/15

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Bronwen Jewelry featured in Bend’s Cascade Journal


Bronwen Jewelry Gets Local Press Written by Nicole Meier • Photos courtesy of bronwen Jewelry   Picture yourself sporting stylish jewelry while climbing a rock wall or paddling around the lake. Now imagine the jewelry enduring all of the physical activity right along with you, taking on the punishing elements with con-siderable fortitude. This is […]

Apr 14/15

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Wylde On Water


Bronwen Brings Fiona Wylde on Board   When Bronwen Ambassador Fiona Wylde was three her father started taking her out on the front of his windsurf board. While other toddlers were wearing water wings and beginning swimming lessons, Fiona was clinging to the front of a board, ocean spray in her face, begging for faster […]

Jan 14/15

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Layer Up!

How To Layer Jewelry Am I the only one that gets mildly irritated when Jan 1st hits and suddenly everything retail has turned to spring? Those of us in mountain climates still have 4 solid months of winter left…maybe more. I’m not shopping for sundresses until May. Everyone knows that the secret to staying active […]

Oct 27/14

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Global Ambassador Jill Wheeler Launches the Warrior One Project


GIRL POWER Yogis are familiar with the Warrior One pose; it’s a cornerstone of any yoga practice and represents the spiritual warrior who does battle with the universal enemy—self-ignorance.  The Warrior One pose develops the inner qualities necessary to realize one’s greatest personal strengths and spiritual potential. But Warrior One is also something else. It’s […]

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