Glasswrap – Turquoise Picassso

Our best selling Glasswrap Bracelets redesigned to be even more awesome! Two parallel strands of hand-braided shimmering Czech glass beads and faceted spacers wrap the wrist twice and show up as four strands of gorgeousness. Our upgraded materials now make this piece incredibly strong and durable and happy to get wet. Adjustable closure means they now fit everyone and depending on your neck size they make a super hot choker necklace. A very versatile Bronwen staple, this piece is a great travel piece because of it’s many options and is one of the most well-loved pieces in the entire Bronwen Collection. Mixed gold and silver spacers means it goes with everything!
  • now with adjustable closure for a universally happy fit
  • mixed metals – sterling silver and 24k gold vermeil
  • casually wraps but dresses up beautifully
  • happy to get wet and super strong and durable
  • handmade in the USA
  • lifetime warranty
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