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Bronwen's Picks

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  • Pool Drop Necklace

    Pool Drop Necklace

    $58.00 - $65.00
  • Let Freedom Ring Gold/Silver
  • Glasswrap Bracelet - Mother of Pearl
  • Turquoise Trail Necklace

    Turquoise Trail Necklace

  • Glasswrap Bracelet – Champagne
  • Teeny Crystal Necklace

    Teeny Crystal Necklace

  • Toltec Combination Stack – Aztec
  • Standard Issue Hoop Earrings Silver/Gold
  • Elements Wrap Bracelet - Sea Blue
  • Sea Drift Necklace

    Sea Drift Necklace

  • Elements Necklace - Sea Blue
  • Braided Santo Necklace

Showing 1 to 12 of 22 results

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  2. 2

Get inspired by Bronwen Lodato herself. Check out all of Bronwen’s favorite jewelry here. Bronwen’s jewelry is handcrafted, and inspired by adventure, travel and women who love to rock it outdoors. If you’re looking for active jewelry, perfect for biking, hiking, swimming and more, check out Bronwen’s picks here.

Find new pieces inspired by adventures and travels, as well as favorite classic pieces. Take a look at the selection of her favorite artisan earrings, beaded artisan necklaces, water-friendly bracelets, and more. Check out Bronwen’s favorite colors of ribbon wrap bracelets, favorite stackable rings, and handmade post earrings.