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Rock on! Bronwen Jewelry at the Tucson Gem Show

by Ashley Lodato

Until you've visited the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show (TGMS) you really can't fully grasp the magnitude of this show. It can be overwhelming even for a veteran participant. Started in the 1970s as a means of uniting the hobby enthusiast, the public, and the curator professionals for discovery and discussion centered around gems and minerals, the TGMS is the largest, oldest, and most prestigious gem and mineral show in the world. Tens of thousands of people attend the show. 250 retailers from nearly every country in the world are present. For a week, Tucson lives and breathes gems and minerals. The size and scope of the show are, quite frankly, mind-boggling. 

Bronwen Jewelry Tucson Gem Show

But at Bronwen Jewelry, there's one thing that doesn't boggle our minds, and that's gems! Even just saying the names of some of these stones gives us shivers: Herkimer diamonds, Peruvian opals, rubies. Whether we are buying finished stones like opals and diamonds or raw materials like druzys, crystals, or petrified wood and abalone shells, when we are at the TGMS we are right in our element--sourcing the most beautiful and interesting materials to provide you with unique handmade jewelry

Every year, Bronwen Jewelry staff attend the TGMS to meet face-to-face with our preferred supplies and vendors that we've built relationships with over the past decade, as well as to scope out potential new sources of beads, pendants, cord materials, technologies, tools, and display ideas. We identify beauty and quality and bring them home to you, in the form of our artisan bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

Bronwen Jewelry

We spend hours combing through special one-of-a-kind gemstones and druzys to find perfect pairs for earrings and necklaces that we sell to our lucky studio shoppers in Bend. Why not just source these gems online? Because the exquisite druzys and other precious gems we use in our artisan jewelry must be hand-selected in order to provide our customers with the high quality beaded bracelets, gemstone earrings, and artisan necklaces they expect from our brand. We have to see and touch these materials to be assured of their integrity. 

Bronwen Jewelry

Oh yeah, we also manage to have a little fun enjoying Tucson's nightlife, when we finally drag ourselves away from the TGMS. After all, at the end of a 12-hour stint of perusing sparkling treasures like you've never imagined, your mind and body need a chance to refresh. But the next day it's back to the TGMS, hands itching to touch Brazilian emeralds, eyes roaming for those perfect pieces of Amazonite, ears open as the sounds of every language imaginable provide a lively backdrop to a virtual feast for the eyes.

Bronwen Jewelry

Jewelry artists aren't the only ones who frequent the TGMS; it's an annual gathering place for rock-hounds as well. Because honestly, where else are you going to find items like 15' tall amethyst towers or petrified woolly mammoth tusks? Lapidary artists (those who form stones and minerals into decorative items) frequent the TGMS to buy their raw materials, hauling away great buys like giant chunks of raw turquoise.

And at the end of the show, we're all exhausted, but we're also infused with imaginative energy. As our thoughts turn toward our return home, our heads brim with ideas for creating new and fresh jewelry that totally rocks.

Bronwen Jewelry

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Valentines Day: Wrap Her in Love

by Ashley Lodato

Despite murky origins and abundant legends regarding its namesake, Valentines Day has become unmistakably the holiday of love in the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, France, and Australia.

Folklore holds that a 3rd century priest named Valentine was imprisoned--and later martyred--for helping Christians escape from Roman prisons. Before he was put to death, he wrote a love letter to a young girl who had visited him during his confinement and signed it with an expression that has been written on millions of cards and chalky-tasting heart-shaped candies ever since, "From your Valentine." And in the subsequent centuries, poor ill-fated Valentine has been steadfastly promoted as a romantic hero, with cards, candy, flowers, and jewelry being gifted from person to person, acknowledging the simple joy of loving one another. 

True or not, we'll subscribe to that legend. Because with so much hate in this world, shouldn't we all seize every possible opportunity to celebrate love? To paraphrase Martin Luther King Jr, on Valentines Day we all choose to "stick with love."

Flowers fade and candy goes straight to your (insert body part where empty calories tend to take their toll on you), but Bronwen Jewelry lasts forever--just like the love you feel for the most special people in your life. There really is no better gift than a piece of artisan jewelry, especially when it allows you to express love in so many different ways.

Let's reference the Greeks here for a moment and categorize your love. (Merely to help you organize your jewelry shopping, of course.)

Platonic/Familiar Love

For your assistant or child's teacher, a Tiny Charm Happy Heart tells them "you're special." Your mother or daughter will love the Bitty Heart Ring because it reminds them of you every time they glance at their hands. And co-workers or girlfriends will know that the Heart Post Earrings you surprise them with say "you're close to my heart." These staple pieces complement any wardrobe, are swim/sweat/shower friendly, and, like all Bronwen Jewelry, are protected through our lifetime warranty.

Bronwen Jewelry Valentines Jewelry

Erotic/Romantic Love

A classic--but never cliche--Valentines Day gift is a piece of jewelry, often given as a surprise. If you're ever going to delight her with a gift when she least expects it, Valentines Day is your big chance. Stash a Pyrite Triple Necklace in her underwear drawer; slip our Huichol Fiero Earrings Grande into her makeup bag. Just think how thrilled she'll be to see an Ombre Cuff in aquagunmetal, or pewter sitting on the dashboard of her car, or a pair of Cascade Drop Earrings in rainbow moonstone, chalcedony, pyrite, or lemon topaz dangling from her rearview mirror. Or when she arrives at work and sees our Pool Drop Earrings  sitting on her desk (with matching necklace, for bonus points). Catching her off-guard might take some stealth, but the reward of seeing her expression will be well-worth the effort. 

Bronwen Jewelry Valentines Day Active Jewelry

Now let's just cut to the chase here. Let's say you really want to ramp it up this year. You want to give a gift that without fail will show the woman in your life just how unique, special, and beautiful she is to you. Tiny Charms are sweet and Ribbon Wraps encircle her with your love, but nothing says "I'm yours" like our Huichol Beaded Ombre Necklace and Isis Earrings in gold. 

She'll feel like the luckiest girl in the world...and if all goes right, you might get lucky too (unlike our jewelry, warranty on luck not available).

Bronwen Jewelry Ribbon Bracelets

Galentines Love

In 2010, Parks and Recreation's Leslie (Amy Poehler) threw a "Galentines Day" party--a chance for ladies to celebrate ladies. Since then, the concept of Galentines Day has transcended TV and entered mainstream popular culture, with gals far and wide getting together with their besties to honor female friendships.

Your best friends are the ones who've known you since braces and culottes, the ones whose shoulders you cried on when your heart was broken, the ones you called when you got your first real job, the ones who will tell you honestly what you look like and how you're behaving, the ones who know everything about you...and still love you in spite of--or because of--it.

And you love them too. So show them, with one of our signature pieces of artisan jewelry. Your sporty friend will love a bracelet from our Active Jewelry line. The arty pal will swoon over one of our artisan necklaces. And what woman would ever turn up her nose at a new pair of gold or silver post earrings?

Bronwen Jewelry Valentines Day

Valentines Day gifts don't have to break the bank. Sweet, simple tokens of love are often the most appreciated and most versatile offerings on this day of widespread affection. Whether the woman in your life is the one who has been there for you all along, the one you used to squabble with but now adore, or the one you plan to spend the rest of your life with, she will be delighted with a piece of hand-crafted jewelry. And like your love, everything at Bronwen Jewelry is designed to last a lifetime.

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5 Jewelry Pieces to Invest in This Year

by Ashley Lodato

Have you taken a breather yet? After the flurry of the holidays--shopping and crafting and sorting and wrapping and taping and shipping and returning and exchanging--you feel, quite rightfully, all gifted out. You're ready to curl up and not think about gifts for quite some time, right?

Wrong! Because there's someone you forgot to shop for. Someone who is always thinking of others, always making sure to gift just the right things to the people close to them.

We're talking about you, of course. It's finally time to take a moment to think only of yourself. And what better way to treat yourself than a piece--or 5--of Bronwen Jewelry? In your honor, as a token acknowledgment of all the things you do, we've put together a list of our top 5 favorite pieces to invest in for the new year.

Bronwen Jewelry Active Jewelry Necklace Rings Bracelets

These pieces are classic, timeless, and versatile; they dress up everything from jeans to cocktail wear. Rather than being trendy, these pieces are the kind that remain in vogue no matter the decade or prevailing style. Which is a good thing, because like all of Bronwen's handcrafted artisan necklacesbracelets, and earrings, these items are designed to last a lifetime (or be repaired/replaced through our Lifetime Warranty). The skilled craftsmanship ensures the pieces won't break easily, and neither will they break the bank.

1. Glasswrap Bracelet

The equation for our Glasswrap Bracelet is 2 wraps x 4 strands of gorgeousness = 1 bracelet you'll be loathe to remove. Hand-braided shimmering Czech glass beads and mixed sterling silver and 24k gold vermeil faceted spacers give these bracelets versatility as well as flair. These water-friendly beauties have an adjustable closure, ensuring a perfect fit on either your wrist or your neck, when worn as a bold choker. With Persian blueaquaturquoisechampagnesmoky topazjade, and olive  beads to choose from, you may have trouble selecting your favorite. Put the rest on your list for next year!

Bronwen Jewelry Glasswrap Bracelet

2. Standard Hoops

The only thing “standard” about our Standard Issue Hoops is the fact that once you’ve got them, they’re likely to become part of your standard daily ensemble. Hand-forged and stamped sterling silver or gold loops are elegant and slightly bohemian, with an artisan uniqueness that can’t be achieved through casting. Two hoop sizes gives you options for understated or bold looks.

Bronwen Jewelry Earrings Hoops

3. Isis & Trail Necklaces

We call our Isis Necklace “the best little layering necklace in the world” and we stand by our claim; it really is the goddess of all necklaces. Unlike its namesake, the Isis Necklace won’t help you enter the afterlife, but it sure will shine brightly on your neck during your time on earth. This lightweight, water-friendly circle of 24k gold vermeil spacers and sterling silver teardrops makes a path around your neck and delivers a mixed-metal pop of pizazz, either as a freestanding piece or as a complement to one of your favorite active necklaces. If you like the Isis, check out our Pyrite Isis, Lapis Isis, and Turquoise Isis as well.

Bronwen Jewelry Turquoise Trail Necklace Gemstones

The Trail Necklace is the younger sister of the Isis; same glimmer, same classic circle, just with smaller sterling silver nuggets. Don’t let the Trail’s delicate appearance deceive you—this baby can withstand the rigors of water, sand, sweat, and anything else you subject your body to while you wear it. Like the Isis, it comes in Lapis, Turquoise, and Pyrite, making your decision just that much tougher.

4. Toltec Set of 3 Rings or Bronwen's Daily Bands

Beyoncè says “If you like it then you better put a ring on it,” and you like your finger, right? So you know what to do—put a ring on it! Even better, put 3 rings on it! We recommend our Toltec  Stacking Rings in sterling silver, 24k gold vermeil, and rose gold. The contrasting metals and patterns are an enchanting nod to early civilizations and indigenous tribes of ancient Mexican and Native American cultures.

Bronwen Jewelry Rings

If clean lines are more your style, echoes of the Toltec collection can be found in Bronwen’s Daily Bands: another stacking set of 3 bands in sterling silver, 24k gold vermeil, and satin rose gold, but without the intricate patterns. These 3 minimalist rings deliver glimmer and gleam without the bling.

5. Pool Drop Necklace or Pinnacle Necklace

Our Pool Drop Necklace is truly a pièce de résistance; a statement necklace with the hidden superpower of being sweat, swim, and shower friendly. The secret weapon of active jewelry, the Pool Drop is fully adjustable; slide the sterling silver or 24k gold vermeil pendant up for active pursuits and then back down as low as you dare for evening wear.

Similar to the Pool Drop but with straighter lines for an edgier look, the Pinnacle Necklace is, well, at the top of its game. This is another foundation piece that can be worn for days on end, through wind and water, sweat and shower. Wear it tight while you run, spin, or swim; wear it long and layered with another necklace when you want to cause heads to turn. Sterling silver and 24k gold options give you the choice to go classic with gold or gypsy with silver.

Bronwen Jewelry Active Necklace


And don't ever forget about the option of layering a Tiny Charm Necklace with other necklaces. These sweet and functional little charms can pretty much go anywhere and do anything—just like you.

Ready to invest in yourself yet?

Go on, treat yourself. You deserve it.

Bronwen Jewelry Tiny Charm Necklace

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Guest Blog by Bronwen Jewelry Ambassador, Kim Havell

Jewelry can be a metaphor for life. I love having pieces that blend together, that make me feel pretty, and that are appropriate for my lifestyle. As a mom to a 17-month-old daughter, I often feel like I have to cut corners to get everything done in the day. When I have my go-to Bronwen Jewelry on, there is a part of me that feels like I am keeping it together and that I am putting my best self forward, even when the rest of my day is falling apart.

Kim Havell Bronwen Jewelry


As an older mom and a long-time professional athlete, it has been a steep learning curve to readjust priorities and make sure I always put my family first. After years of freedom and chasing personal goals, I have learned a lot of humility and balance in these last two years. And, I still have a long way to go. It became important to step back from my old life and reevaluate a new path.

 Kim Havell Bronwen Jewelry Active Jewelry

My pregnancy went smoothly, but once our girl, Charlie, arrived, I realized how little I knew about raising a child in the world in which I had been living.  The pieces of my life are now starting to shift, and, with this change in perspective, I am finding a new peace and happiness in adjusted goals and in time spent showing my child the places and the activities that I love. It has been more rewarding than any other personal pursuit in which I have engaged.

Kim Havell Bronwen Jewelry Active Jewelry


When we find ways to make our pieces work, it creates a sense of harmony and contentment in our daily lives. Wherever I can find options to create more simplicity and order out of the chaos, I cherish it. These days, between work, baby, partner, ranch chores, and life stuff, I look for simple but quality solutions wherever I can find them – in clothing, in gear, in schedules, in jewelry. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with companies that embrace and support mothers, the outdoors, and our equality and strengths as women.

Kim Havell Bronwen Active Jewelry

So, when I get up in the morning on my daughter’s early schedule, I love selecting a few beautiful, comfortable, and reliable pieces to get my day started in the right way. I can head into the mountains and feel good about myself, my task at hand, and my family at home when I can make the right choices each day to keep on track. Making the pieces work whenever and wherever you can is success in and of itself.

 Kim Havell Bronwen Jewelry Active Jewelry

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Jewelry for Winter Sports

Jewelry for Winter Sports

1/14/2018 3:53 PM

by Ashley Lodato

Oh, the weather outside is frightful! So as usual, you are bundled in your standard-issue winter wear of leggings, wool skirt, silk tank, long sleeve Capilene shirt, fleece sweater, puffy vest, cashmere scarf, and favorite pom-pon hat. With all these layers, what's the point of jewelry? After all, who is going to see it, anyway?

Bronwen Jewelry Pom Hat

Don't let winter cheat you out of that confident feeling you get when you wear a beautiful piece of jewelry! You shouldn't underestimate the winter "wow" factor of jewelry, regardless of whether you're wearing it for that inner boost of mojo it gives you or for the compliments you get when others notice you in a particularly attractive piece of bling. 

For you, winter might mean skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snowmobiling, ice skating, or snowshoeing. You're on the move, transitioning effortlessly from one bag of winter gear to another. Or it might mean hot toddies around the fire, curling up with a favorite book, or feeling the pulse of your city's nightlife. You're introspective in winter, giving yourself time and space for redefining priorities and making deliberate decisions. Whatever your favorite winter past-time, Bronwen Jewelry has you covered for accessories. 

Bronwen Jewelry Active Jewelry

Our Active Jewelry line of artisan necklaceshandcrafted bracelets, and active-wear earrings is well-suited for winter sports, as neither the sweat you cook up on the slopes nor the steam of the hot tub will phase our pieces that are designed specifically with these activities in mind. Salt, shower, and sweat-friendly, our active jewelry rarely even requires removal, except when you're seeking a style change.

Items like our Waterweave Bracelet, for example, are no-brainers when it comes to suitability for active winter wear. But did you know that our Ribbon Wrap Bracelet holds up admirably to the rigors of an active lifestyle? (Full immersion not recommended, however.) And with dozens of irresistible colors to choose from, you may have difficulty making a decision. 

Bronwen Jewelry Active Ribbons

Our New Moon Necklace marks the start of a new lunar cycle and signifies, for us, new beginnings and opportunities. Because it's adjustable you can layer this necklace with anything from a Sand Pebble Necklace to a Tiny Charm Necklace, or wear it as a distinctive stand-alone piece. New beginnings sometimes means experimenting with a bolder style, and this unpretentious New Moon Necklace will shepherd you into this process.

Bronwen Jewelry New Moon Necklace

You can achieve an edgier look with our Mixed Metal Ronja Posts, whose weight you won't notice even under a helmet or headband but whose striking aesthetic will attract the attention of others. Understated enough for the office yet avant-garde enough to wear to the nightclub, the Ronja Posts are complementary to a variety of fashion situations.

Bronwen Jewelry Ronja Post Earrings

If you're looking for a sweet piece to clip on and wear for basically the entire winter, let our Radiance Bracelet be your entre into the assets we like to think of as "endurance jewelry"; that is, jewelry that you wear for days on end. Some might call this lack of imagination; we call it simple practicality. If you have a favorite piece--as the Radiance Bracelet is sure to become--why not make a regular component of your ensemble?

At just $36, the Radiance is one of the most economical pieces in the Bronwen collection and since it's all-around water-friendly, there's no reason to remove it between the slopes, the gym, and the shower. Two metals and five colors to select from means ten times the options. 

Bronwen Jewelry Radiance Bracelet

Winter is the sparkle of sunlight on snow, the shimmer of a winter moon on a frozen lake, the glimmer of sunrise in a leaden sky. Winter: it's your time to shine. 

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Winter Weekend Getaway: Jewels to Pack

by Ashley Lodato

Oh baby, it's cold outside! And you really can't stay, so you've planned a few weekend getaways to liven up your winter.

Packing your clothes for these getaways? Easy-peasy. But what about your jewelry? You're certainly not going to schlep your entire collection with you, but you also don't have the time to figure out the accessories for each outfit as you pack it.

The solution? Simply follow Bronwen Jewelry's recommendations for active jewelry and artisan jewelry for three types of winter weekend escapes, and you'll have handcrafted pieces to complement anything you wear.


In the sand and surf, your attire will be minimal. This is a great opportunity to let your active jewelry take center stage! Fear not the tarnishing effects of wind and water; with Bronwen Jewelry you can dare to bare your jewelry to the elements. All of Bronwen Jewelry's line of Active Jewelry necklaces, bracelets, and earrings will withstand the rigors of salt, sand, and sweat, so you can surf, swim, run, and dance the night away with your jewelry no worse for the wear. And our Swim Wrap Bracelets? Tailor-made for time in the waves.

Bronwen Jewelry Travel Beach Jewelry

Grab that Sueño Beach Bag and throw the following into a Ziplock baggie:

Bronwen Jewelry Beach Bag

* Your favorite repurposed swimwear fabric Swim Wrap Bracelet. Oh heck, throw in two--they're tiny. And boy do they set off your swimsuit nicely. For kicks, treat yourself to a matching swimsuit from Carve Designs.

Bronwen Jewelry Swim Wraps

* Your Tiny Charm Wave Necklace will allow you to surf the curl with the best of them, even if only in your own mind. And honestly, with jewelry this sporty, it doesn't really matter if you're a pro or a novice; if you feel great, you'll look great.

Bronwen Jewelry Wave Necklace

* The Waterweave Bracelet is one of our most popular and versatile pieces. It layers seamlessly with nearly any other bracelet and transitions effortlessly from the playa to the disco, looking casual by day with your swimsuit and elegant by night with your sundress. Hard to believe this Czech glass beauty is sun, sweat, and sand friendly, but it's been on the Salmon River, the Penobscot River, the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Indian Ocean and so far no water challenge has been a match for the Waterweave.

Bronwen Jewelry Waterweave

* The Solstice Anklet is the piece that will convert you to an anklet fan. Anklets are too bohemian for you? Too self-consciously casual? After you wear the Solstice Anklet, you'll never scoff at anklets again. 


Although your jewelry will make more peek-a-boo appearances on a ski trip than on a beach getaway, you can still use it to your advantage. Small and sleek is the name of the game with jewelry for alpine and Nordic alike, as you don't want it catching on your helmet or tangling in your hat.

Bronwen Jewelry

No need to deliberate; just pack these pieces for slopestyle chic:

* Your Tiny Charm Snowflake Necklace will be the envy of anyone in mittens. Delicate and elegant, this lightweight charm is as durable as they come. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. 

Post Earrings won't get in the way of your hat or your helmet, and they look oh so stunning both on the chairlift and in the summit cafe. Tiny Charm Earrings are equally convenient and won't cramp your style while you fiddle with goggles or buffs. All Bronwen Jewelry posts and Tiny Charm earrings come with flexible earring backs, so you don't have to worry about a headband dislodging your earring while you're playing in the powder.

Bronwen Jewelry Earrings

* If you really want to ramp up your game, layer the snowflake necklace with a Landscape Mountain NecklaceBoth do fine in the shower and won't be harmed by the sweat you cook up working the bumps or V1-ing up those hills.

Après-ski, however, is a whole different story, and depending on your locale, bling can be the name of the game. Whether you're in the shi-shi night spots of Aspen or the more provincial watering holes of Bend, you simply can't go wrong with the Glasswrap BraceletBecause it's water-friendly, you can wrap your wrist in the morning before you hit the slopes, and leave this versatile piece on from dawn through dark. Then slip off your post earrings in favor of the Isis Earrings, and you're ready for whatever après-ski throws your way.

Bronwen Jewelry Glasswrap Bracelet


Date night? Girls' weekend out? It doesn't matter; either way you're going to pack the same jewelry for your urban outing:

* Bronwen Jewelry's Mixed Metal Semplice Earrings are the epitome of understated beauty and simple elegance. The sterling silver and 24 karat gold vermeil are in perfect harmony with each other and these earrings drop gracefully from your ears with a tiny sway. They're equally at home when worn with a little black dress or jeans and a flannel shirt, so don't hesitate to make them your go-to pieces for your city stay.

* The Pyrite Triple Wrap Necklace is simplicity and beauty at its best. Faceted pyrite shimmers between studs of 24k gold vermeil and wraps your neck up to three times (and depending on your wrist size, makes a whopper of a pretty bracelet) and literally works with everything in your closet. Dress it up or dress it down, you'll love the delicate look but strong construction of this beauty. It's a Bronwen Jewelry staple. 

Bronwen Jewelry Pewter Ombre Cuff

* Our Harmony Wrap Bracelet gives you the illusion that you're wearing two bracelets, but it's really just one strong piece with a provocative range of metals and glass beads. It dresses up or dresses down, and with its adjustable clasp, can even be worn as a bold choker.

* Anchoring your urban ensemble is your Ombre Pewter Cuff. This luminous piece fairly shimmers, and looks delicate but feels pliable and comfortable. Handcrafted by women in a Colombian artisan cooperative, this bracelet is fully adjustable and complements all wrists. 

Not currently planning a winter weekend getaway? Not a problem. Even if you're at home with the winter blues due to the dark and cold, just the sparkle of precious metals can be enough to lift the spirits. Gold is especially warming at this time of year, even for die-hard silver purists. Among our favorite pieces that seem to bring us the warmth of the sun are:

* the Catania Earrings, which glow with an inner heat:

* our Roam Beaded Diamond Earrings, whose cream gold with hints of amber in the middle conjure up images of bonfires;

* and our Circle of Life Necklace, which serves as a reminder of the cycle of the seasons, which even in the cold dark days of winter reassures us that all is in balance, all is in harmony.

Bronwen Jewelry Active Jewelry

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3 New Years Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To

by Ashley Lodato

You've made it through the holidays, through the minefield of tasty temptations at Christmas parties, past the sale aisles in the department stores, beyond the lure of holiday cocktails, and emerged on the other side generally unscathed, except for perhaps a couple of extra pounds and some impulse Visa charges. And now you're doing what we all do after we ring in the new year--you're making resolutions. 

Oh yes, at this time of the year we are steadfastly resolved. We aspire to exercise more, to eat healthier food, to commit to recycling, to be more patient with others, to read more great books, and to get out and see the world. Bronwen Jewelry can't help you achieve all of your goals, but we certainly can support you in 3 key areas. So square up your resolve, because Bronwen Jewelry wants you to stick to your resolutions this year.

active jewelry active necklace Bronwen Jewelry


Getting fit in the new year is such a cliche resolution that it seems nearly impossible to achieve. And truth be told, most of those who set this goal for themselves drop off the wagon by March. But at Bronwen Jewelry we have a secret weapon that will help keep you on track. Hundreds of secret weapons, actually, and all fall into the category of active jewelry.

In The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg recounts a 2002 New Mexico State University study that sought to understand why people habitually exercise. What they learned from the 266 subjects was that although most had started exercising on a whim, they developed the habit because they craved the rewards they began experiencing once they exercised regularly. 92% of people responded to the endorphins and other neurochemicals a workout provided. 67% said working out gave them a sense of triumph and accomplishment. 

Essentially, the only really hard part is getting started on an exercise program. Once you've solidly begun, the reward itself is enough to cement the habit.

So how do you make yourself get started? Duhigg points to simple "cues" as the answer--such as always lacing up your running shoes before breakfast or laying your gym clothes out before you go to bed. 

At Bronwen Jewelry, we've found that the act of clipping on a favorite necklace or pair of earrings before you head out on the trails or into the gym can serve as this simple cue. It seems sort of silly, but believe us, it works. If you get inspiration from the mountains outside your city, your Mountain Landscape Necklace will be the perfect accompaniment to your hikes and runs. And the equally water-friendly Tiny Charm Necklaces are specifically designed to run, swim, spin, and sweat with you. They almost say to you, "Take us to the river!"

mountain necklace active necklace water necklace waterproof necklace bronwen jewelry

Honestly, you can't go wrong with any piece from our active jewelry line--ranging from Swim Wrap Bracelets to Tiny Charm Necklaces and Earrings to our beaded Active BraceletsAll are featherlight and sturdy, all help you shine as a woman who works her body hard to feel good. So whether you clip on that beloved Isis Necklace before every workout or you like to mix it up with something different every time (just see what a stir your new Ear Jackets will cause at the yoga studio or in kettle bell class), your active jewelry will be sending you the habit-forming cue that it's time to get active! 

Enjoy the endorphins, courtesy of your resolve.

active jewelry active necklace Bronwen Jewelry artisan made in the use


Recycling metal, glass, plastic, and paper is great. Reducing your consumption is even better. But one of the best things you can do for the planet is committing to products that are built to last.

In our culture of expedience, we have sacrificed quality for convenience, selecting disposable over reusable. Well, not on Bronwen Jewelry's watch! Ever since we began making outdoor jewelry in 2007, we have made material choices that resulted in artisan jewelry that endures. Each piece of jewelry we create by hand in our Bend studio with only the highest quality materials is designed to last a lifetime. But sometimes things happen, and pieces break or simply wear out. That's why we established our signature Bronwen Jewelry Lifetime Warranty, which promises that we'll repair or replace your Bronwen Jewelry that gets broken. 

Oh sure, you could buy new jewelry every couple of months or years when gemstones fall out of pendants, cheap metals tarnish, and delicate fibers fray. But why would you want to, when you can buy a piece of Bronwen Jewelry today and still have it looking great years and decades from now?

Buy it once, wear it forever, courtesy of your commitment to sustainability.

bronwen jewelry active jewelry travel jewelry artisan made in the use


Oh, you are longing to travel! Your passport is current and you just want to be leaving on a jet plane for somewhere exotic, somewhere warm, anywhere but here. But it was just the holiday season and you are resolved to be more frugal for a while. 

So let Bronwen Jewelry bring the world to you, through our Global Market. Travel is and always has been integral to Bronwen Jewelry. Not only does experiencing other sights and cultures give us great personal satisfaction, but it also opens up the door to discovering products we never dreamed of designing. When we travel, we are always seeking distinctively beautiful artisan jewelry to bring back in small batches to our customers. You can get a taste of the Himalaya through our Beaded Nepali Necklace, a burst of pre-Colombian artistry through our Huichol Love line, even a little Thai flair with our Chiang Mai Tote

We are your world scout, scouring the globe to bring back artisan treasures to delight you. The jewelry from far-away places might scratch that travel itch temporarily, or it might serve as inspiration for you to visit the source. Either way, items from our Global Market will brighten your day--and your ensemble--with the colors, patterns, and textures of the world. 

Wear the colors of the world, courtesy of your wanderlust. 

At Bronwen Jewelry, we are resolved to help you live better. Happy New Year!

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Holiday Family Traditions & Photo Share Contest

by Ashley Lodato

You've been thinking about it for months, preparing for it for weeks, and fully in the thick of it for days. And now finally you can put your feet up, look around, and revel in the experiences you've worked so hard to create: holiday gatherings with friends and family. Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukah, Rohatsu, Solstice, or Epiphany, the dark days of December are a time of bright cheer, quiet reflection, and cherished traditions. 

Bronwen Jewelry Active Jewelry

Family traditions surrounding the holidays vary widely, each of them infused with special meaning to the individuals practicing them. For Bronwen Jewelry founder Bronwen Lodato and her family, the winter spiral is a holiday tradition staple. The family builds a spiraling evergreen-lined path through the snow that leads to three lit candles in the middle. Family members take turns walking along the dark path in silence, carrying unlit candles. As they walk the winding path, they reflect on the 12 months past and the year ahead. In the center, they light the candle they're carrying from one of the center candles and then leave this candle somewhere along the path on their return to the spiral's entrance. Once everyone has made a trip through the spiral--and some years there are as many as 20 people participating--the spiral is illuminated by the light of the many candles places amongst the evergreen boughs. 

Bronwen Jewelry active jewelry

The winter spiral--or advent spiral--is typically a solstice tradition, but Bronwen's family practices it at Christmas because that's when they're all gathered. It's an opportunity to share some of the dark moments of the past year and to look forward to the light that all hope will come with the new year. The winter spiral is a celebration of the dawn of a new day and the light each person hopes to shine into the world. 

Bronwen Jewelry Active jewelry

Other families celebrate with caroling parties, midnight mass on Christmas Eve, watching the Nutcracker, volunteering at soup kitchens, and sledding or skiing on Christmas Day. Some open gifts on Christmas Eve; others wait until morning. Another Lodato tradition is the eating of the king cake, which they call the baby cake. Although the baby cake is a Mardis Gras tradition, it has been incorporated into the Lodato Christmas celebration and is widely anticipated by the family's grandchildren, all of whom fervently hope that they will be the one to discover the tiny baby doll baked into his or her piece of cake. The finder of the cake is allegedly blessed with good luck and prosperity in the year to come, but even those without a baby in their slices get to enjoy the fragrant spicy cake. 

Bronwen Jewelry Active Jewelry

At Bronwen Jewelry, we know that your holiday traditions are as beloved to you as ours are to us. That's why we are inviting you to enter our photo contest, sharing your photos of yourself, your friends, or your family members celebrating, adventuring, and generally enjoying the company of loved ones. Just post a picture of one or more of you wearing your Bronwen Jewelrytag us on Instagram, and add #bronwenjewelryphotocontest. We'll select someone to win a $100 gift card to use online on our website. The winner will be contacted through Instagram the week of January 8th. 

From all of us at Bronwen Jewelryhappy holidays. We look forward to seeing what holiday traditions look like in your family.

Bronwen Jewelry Active Jewelry

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Jewelry for Life: Spotlight on Bronwen Jewelry's Lifetime Warranty

by Ashley Lodato

Toss it. Single-use. Throw it away. Disposable. Discard it. Scrap it. One-time purpose. Junk it. Non-recyclable. Temporary. Trash it.

Sound familiar? Increasingly, our consumer society seeks the convenience of single-use items. Paper plates. Plastic cups. Anti-bacterial wipes. Single-use contact lenses. Garments cheaply made by children in foreign sweatshops.....but that's another story.

But at Bronwen Jewelry, we embrace a different ethic: jewelry for life. 

Bronwen Jewelry Lifetime Warranty

When we began making outdoor jewelry in 2007, we didn't deliberately set out to create adventure jewelry that would be worn for a lifetime. We simply wanted to create artisan bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that would stand up to the stresses of sand, salt, wind, and water that we subjected our jewelry to. But in creating active jewelry for active women, we found that our materials choices resulted in artisan jewelry that endured. 

Bronwen Jewelry Pool Drop Necklace

Our jewelry is not indestructible (a toddler with a hammer and a pair of scissors could render it unwearable) and if it were, you wouldn't want to wear it. But our pieces are created with high-quality materials, carefully constructed by hand, and designed to be with you for life. That's why we established our signature Bronwen Jewelry Lifetime Warranty, which promises that we'll repair or replace your Bronwen Jewelry that gets broken. 

Bronwen Jewelry Active Jewelry

We find reinforcement for our Lifetime Warranty program from companies like Stanley, where a lifetime warranty guarantee has been in effect for more than 100 years. Le Creuset is another company renowned for its warranty, and for good reason; their cookware is so spectacularly made that you could buy a set for your first apartment and still be using it to cook dinner on your 100th birthday.

Patagonia has crafted its own approach to keeping products in action even when owner interest has waned. Through its Worn Wear program, Patagonia offers customers the opportunity to repair, reuse, or recycle apparel by trading in, fixing, or reselling. We're too small to offer a trade-in program, but we love to pass on our tips for refreshing your jewelry whenever we get a chance.

Bronwen Jewelry Active Jewelry

We're delighted when we hear stories about other companies valuing quality and endurance, so we were especially thrilled to learn about the Buy Me Once website, which curates a collection of environmentally responsible, long-lasting products. Buy Me Once aims to radically shift habits from short-term buying to long-term buying, and this is echoed in Bronwen Jewelry's philosophy. (Of course, you're probably not going to buy just one piece of Bronwen Jewelry the way you might buy one couch or one cast iron turkey roaster, but still, you have the security of knowing that every piece of Bronwen Jewelry you own is designed to be with you for life.)

Krissy Moehl Bronwen Jewelry Active necklace

Stuff happens. We use glass beads--occasionally they break. We use linen and nylon thread--they eventually fray after years of swimming or sweating in them. We want you to wear your Bronwen necklacesbracelets, and earrings for a lifetime, so we'll help you get your favorite pieces back on your wrists, neck, and ears as soon as possible, whether they be your Tiny Charm Necklaces, your Ribbon Wrap Bracelets, or any other of our lovingly-crafted pieces of artisan jewelry.

And although we often find ourselves returning to old pieces that we haven't worn in years, you might be the type who likes to keep her jewelry box constantly fresh. If "out with the old, in with the new" is your motto, you've probably realized that you can upcycle some of your old pieces by giving them to friends, selling them at consignment stores, or donating them to a women's shelter. 

Olivia Hsu Bronwen Jewelry Yoga Jewelry

At Bronwen Jewelry, our customers believe in the quality of our products and they understand the added value of our warranty. We know how well-built our products are because we build them with our own hands. We haven't had a problem with customers taking advantage of our warranty, and we don't expect to. 

Bronwen Jewelry: consuming less by consuming better. 

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Gift Guide: Gorgeous last minute gifts for under $75

by Ashley Lodato

Ok, let's face it; Christmas is two scant weeks away, and you haven't begun to think about gifts yet.

There's no shame in being in this predicament, and girl, we can tell you that you're not alone. That's why we at  Bronwen Jewelry have assembled a gift guide of some of our most popular items, all available for under $75 when you shop our TWO DAY ONLY SALE on Saturday, December 16th and Sunday, December 17th.

That's right, our one day sale allows you to select thoughtful, affordable, artisan jewelry that comes with a lifetime warranty. Pieces you know your friends and family will love, at prices you'll appreciate. Just use offer code QuickGift25 to access the discounts on outdoor jewelry, adventure jewelry, and other handcrafted jewelry from Bronwen Jewelry.

Your shopping is made easy with the list below, which includes nine Bronwen favorites at less than $75 when purchased through our one day sale..

1. Glasswrap Bracelet. A Bronwen staple, the Glasswrap Bracelets are nearly impossible to keep in stock, as they simply fly off the shelf and onto the wrists of gals on the go. Two parallel strands of hand-braided shimmering Czech glass beads and faceted spacers wrap the wrist twice and show up as four strands of gorgeousness.  The Glasswrap Bracelet is the perfect active bracelet for the active girl--it looks as great at a cocktail party as it does out on the trail, and can accompany you in the shower as you transition between disparate activities.

GlassWrap Bracelet Bronwen Jewelry

2. Landscape Mountain Necklace. For the mountain girl at heart, look no further than the Landscape Mountain Necklace. This swim/sweat/shower friendly necklace is a beautiful reminder of the mountains, even when you're stuck in town. As comfortable as a Tiny Charm Necklace, the Landscape Mountain Necklace ramps the charm-wearing up a notch, even while maintaining the understated chic adopted by the mountain crowd.

landscape Necklace Bronwen Jewelry Mountain

3. Standard HoopsOur Standard Issue Hoop Earrings are anything but standard, yet they will swiftly become a part of your daily ensemble, removed only occasionally and with great reluctance. Hand-forged and hand-stamped in silver or gold, these earrings are versatile and strong, featuring a classic design with a modern artisan twist. The Standard Issue Hoops are one of our most beloved pieces; make sure your special someone feels some Standard Hoop love too. Available in silver and gold and two versatile sizes. 

4. Pyrite Isis Necklace. Once you put on the Pyrite Isis Necklace you'll never want to remove it, so if you're buying this as a gift for someone else you'd better get two. Mixed metals of 24k gold vermeil spacers make a path around faceted Pyrite nuggets, elegant and edgy at the same time.  This necklace is bold enough as a stand-alone piece, and sheer genius when layered with virtually any other piece. The Pyrite Isis necklace has all the sparkle of a gemstone necklace but with a grounded strength for the girl who has both of those things as well.

Bronwen Jewelry Pyrite Isis Necklace

5. Samba EarringsThe epitome of simple elegance, the Samba Earrings are perfectly balanced drop earrings that effortlessly blend sterling silver and satin gold vermeil in an understated drop earring. The mixed metal is on trend with current styles but the Samba Earrings avoid trendiness. Their timeless simplicity and delicate nature are as appealing as any design you'll ever encounter.

Bronwen Jewelry Samba Earrings

6. Sun Ray Ear JacketIt's possible that the Sun Ray Ear Jacket is the first piece of jewelry to have a cult following, but once you try these best-seller ear jackets on you'll understand why. The geometric lines are edgy and striking, yet uniform and pleasing. Inspired by indigenous Mexican and Native American cultures, the Sun Ray Ear Jacket is designed to be worn as a post on the front of the ear and the jacket on the back of the ear.

Bronwen Jewelry Ear Jackets

7. Toltec 6 (Set of 6 Rings). If you're buying for the woman who can't make up her mind about which metal is her favorite, the Toltec 6 will be a treasured and versatile gift. This lightweight and sturdy set of six rings comes in three metals: sterling silver, 24K gold vermeil, and rose gold. The unique patterns of indigenous Mexican and Native American cultures give these rings a unique artisan flair.

Bronwen Jewelry Rings Toltec 6

8. Prayer Flag Necklace. A perfect combination of sophistication and practicality, this stamped chain necklace has the best of all worlds.  It looks amazing layered with other necklaces and stands strong alone as well. Sweat/swim/shower friendly and sporty in function, it can be worn for days--even weeks--on end. Mixed metal is a provocative and effective blend in this piece, which comes in a beautiful neutral taupe that compliments everything. We love to wear two of them in different lengths for the perfectly simple clean layered look.

Prayer Flag Necklace Bronwen Jewelry

9. Double Beleza BraceletIf you love the Glasswrap Braceletyou're going to adore its edgy little cousin, the Double Beleza Bracelet. The mixed metals and shimmering Czech glass beads in this handcrafted wrap bracelet make for an interesting and versatile piece. The Double Beleza layers beautifully with any of our other bracelets and looks great doubled in the same color or an alternate color. 

Bronwen Jewelry Double Beleza Bracelet

Remember, the QuickGift25 code on Saturday, December 16th and Sunday, December 17, at our TWO DAY ONLY SALE gives you access to discounts on high-quality artisan handcrafted jewelry. And while you're at it, don't forget stocking stuffers--some of our most popular items that are always priced below $50, like our Tiny Charm Necklaces, Ribbon Wrap Bracelets, Swim Wrap Bracelets, nearly all of our Post Earrings, and everything in our Petite B line for our favorite little people, our kids. 

Let Bronwen Jewelry help you give the gift of beauty.

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