by Ashley Lodato

You've made it through the holidays, through the minefield of tasty temptations at Christmas parties, past the sale aisles in the department stores, beyond the lure of holiday cocktails, and emerged on the other side generally unscathed, except for perhaps a couple of extra pounds and some impulse Visa charges. And now you're doing what we all do after we ring in the new year--you're making resolutions. 

Oh yes, at this time of the year we are steadfastly resolved. We aspire to exercise more, to eat healthier food, to commit to recycling, to be more patient with others, to read more great books, and to get out and see the world. Bronwen Jewelry can't help you achieve all of your goals, but we certainly can support you in 3 key areas. So square up your resolve, because Bronwen Jewelry wants you to stick to your resolutions this year.

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Getting fit in the new year is such a cliche resolution that it seems nearly impossible to achieve. And truth be told, most of those who set this goal for themselves drop off the wagon by March. But at Bronwen Jewelry we have a secret weapon that will help keep you on track. Hundreds of secret weapons, actually, and all fall into the category of active jewelry.

In The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg recounts a 2002 New Mexico State University study that sought to understand why people habitually exercise. What they learned from the 266 subjects was that although most had started exercising on a whim, they developed the habit because they craved the rewards they began experiencing once they exercised regularly. 92% of people responded to the endorphins and other neurochemicals a workout provided. 67% said working out gave them a sense of triumph and accomplishment. 

Essentially, the only really hard part is getting started on an exercise program. Once you've solidly begun, the reward itself is enough to cement the habit.

So how do you make yourself get started? Duhigg points to simple "cues" as the answer--such as always lacing up your running shoes before breakfast or laying your gym clothes out before you go to bed. 

At Bronwen Jewelry, we've found that the act of clipping on a favorite necklace or pair of earrings before you head out on the trails or into the gym can serve as this simple cue. It seems sort of silly, but believe us, it works. If you get inspiration from the mountains outside your city, your Mountain Landscape Necklace will be the perfect accompaniment to your hikes and runs. And the equally water-friendly Tiny Charm Necklaces are specifically designed to run, swim, spin, and sweat with you. They almost say to you, "Take us to the river!"

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Honestly, you can't go wrong with any piece from our active jewelry line--ranging from Swim Wrap Bracelets to Tiny Charm Necklaces and Earrings to our beaded Active BraceletsAll are featherlight and sturdy, all help you shine as a woman who works her body hard to feel good. So whether you clip on that beloved Isis Necklace before every workout or you like to mix it up with something different every time (just see what a stir your new Ear Jackets will cause at the yoga studio or in kettle bell class), your active jewelry will be sending you the habit-forming cue that it's time to get active! 

Enjoy the endorphins, courtesy of your resolve.

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Recycling metal, glass, plastic, and paper is great. Reducing your consumption is even better. But one of the best things you can do for the planet is committing to products that are built to last.

In our culture of expedience, we have sacrificed quality for convenience, selecting disposable over reusable. Well, not on Bronwen Jewelry's watch! Ever since we began making outdoor jewelry in 2007, we have made material choices that resulted in artisan jewelry that endures. Each piece of jewelry we create by hand in our Bend studio with only the highest quality materials is designed to last a lifetime. But sometimes things happen, and pieces break or simply wear out. That's why we established our signature Bronwen Jewelry Lifetime Warranty, which promises that we'll repair or replace your Bronwen Jewelry that gets broken. 

Oh sure, you could buy new jewelry every couple of months or years when gemstones fall out of pendants, cheap metals tarnish, and delicate fibers fray. But why would you want to, when you can buy a piece of Bronwen Jewelry today and still have it looking great years and decades from now?

Buy it once, wear it forever, courtesy of your commitment to sustainability.

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Oh, you are longing to travel! Your passport is current and you just want to be leaving on a jet plane for somewhere exotic, somewhere warm, anywhere but here. But it was just the holiday season and you are resolved to be more frugal for a while. 

So let Bronwen Jewelry bring the world to you, through our Global Market. Travel is and always has been integral to Bronwen Jewelry. Not only does experiencing other sights and cultures give us great personal satisfaction, but it also opens up the door to discovering products we never dreamed of designing. When we travel, we are always seeking distinctively beautiful artisan jewelry to bring back in small batches to our customers. You can get a taste of the Himalaya through our Beaded Nepali Necklace, a burst of pre-Colombian artistry through our Huichol Love line, even a little Thai flair with our Chiang Mai Tote

We are your world scout, scouring the globe to bring back artisan treasures to delight you. The jewelry from far-away places might scratch that travel itch temporarily, or it might serve as inspiration for you to visit the source. Either way, items from our Global Market will brighten your day--and your ensemble--with the colors, patterns, and textures of the world. 

Wear the colors of the world, courtesy of your wanderlust. 

At Bronwen Jewelry, we are resolved to help you live better. Happy New Year!