by Ashley Lodato

Have you taken a breather yet? After the flurry of the holidays--shopping and crafting and sorting and wrapping and taping and shipping and returning and exchanging--you feel, quite rightfully, all gifted out. You're ready to curl up and not think about gifts for quite some time, right?

Wrong! Because there's someone you forgot to shop for. Someone who is always thinking of others, always making sure to gift just the right things to the people close to them.

We're talking about you, of course. It's finally time to take a moment to think only of yourself. And what better way to treat yourself than a piece--or 5--of Bronwen Jewelry? In your honor, as a token acknowledgment of all the things you do, we've put together a list of our top 5 favorite pieces to invest in for the new year.

Bronwen Jewelry Active Jewelry Necklace Rings Bracelets

These pieces are classic, timeless, and versatile; they dress up everything from jeans to cocktail wear. Rather than being trendy, these pieces are the kind that remain in vogue no matter the decade or prevailing style. Which is a good thing, because like all of Bronwen's handcrafted artisan necklacesbracelets, and earrings, these items are designed to last a lifetime (or be repaired/replaced through our Lifetime Warranty). The skilled craftsmanship ensures the pieces won't break easily, and neither will they break the bank.

1. Glasswrap Bracelet

The equation for our Glasswrap Bracelet is 2 wraps x 4 strands of gorgeousness = 1 bracelet you'll be loathe to remove. Hand-braided shimmering Czech glass beads and mixed sterling silver and 24k gold vermeil faceted spacers give these bracelets versatility as well as flair. These water-friendly beauties have an adjustable closure, ensuring a perfect fit on either your wrist or your neck, when worn as a bold choker. With Persian blueaquaturquoisechampagnesmoky topazjade, and olive  beads to choose from, you may have trouble selecting your favorite. Put the rest on your list for next year!

Bronwen Jewelry Glasswrap Bracelet

2. Standard Hoops

The only thing “standard” about our Standard Issue Hoops is the fact that once you’ve got them, they’re likely to become part of your standard daily ensemble. Hand-forged and stamped sterling silver or gold loops are elegant and slightly bohemian, with an artisan uniqueness that can’t be achieved through casting. Two hoop sizes gives you options for understated or bold looks.

Bronwen Jewelry Earrings Hoops

3. Isis & Trail Necklaces

We call our Isis Necklace “the best little layering necklace in the world” and we stand by our claim; it really is the goddess of all necklaces. Unlike its namesake, the Isis Necklace won’t help you enter the afterlife, but it sure will shine brightly on your neck during your time on earth. This lightweight, water-friendly circle of 24k gold vermeil spacers and sterling silver teardrops makes a path around your neck and delivers a mixed-metal pop of pizazz, either as a freestanding piece or as a complement to one of your favorite active necklaces. If you like the Isis, check out our Pyrite Isis, Lapis Isis, and Turquoise Isis as well.

Bronwen Jewelry Turquoise Trail Necklace Gemstones

The Trail Necklace is the younger sister of the Isis; same glimmer, same classic circle, just with smaller sterling silver nuggets. Don’t let the Trail’s delicate appearance deceive you—this baby can withstand the rigors of water, sand, sweat, and anything else you subject your body to while you wear it. Like the Isis, it comes in Lapis, Turquoise, and Pyrite, making your decision just that much tougher.

4. Toltec Set of 3 Rings or Bronwen's Daily Bands

Beyoncè says “If you like it then you better put a ring on it,” and you like your finger, right? So you know what to do—put a ring on it! Even better, put 3 rings on it! We recommend our Toltec  Stacking Rings in sterling silver, 24k gold vermeil, and rose gold. The contrasting metals and patterns are an enchanting nod to early civilizations and indigenous tribes of ancient Mexican and Native American cultures.

Bronwen Jewelry Rings

If clean lines are more your style, echoes of the Toltec collection can be found in Bronwen’s Daily Bands: another stacking set of 3 bands in sterling silver, 24k gold vermeil, and satin rose gold, but without the intricate patterns. These 3 minimalist rings deliver glimmer and gleam without the bling.

5. Pool Drop Necklace or Pinnacle Necklace

Our Pool Drop Necklace is truly a pièce de résistance; a statement necklace with the hidden superpower of being sweat, swim, and shower friendly. The secret weapon of active jewelry, the Pool Drop is fully adjustable; slide the sterling silver or 24k gold vermeil pendant up for active pursuits and then back down as low as you dare for evening wear.

Similar to the Pool Drop but with straighter lines for an edgier look, the Pinnacle Necklace is, well, at the top of its game. This is another foundation piece that can be worn for days on end, through wind and water, sweat and shower. Wear it tight while you run, spin, or swim; wear it long and layered with another necklace when you want to cause heads to turn. Sterling silver and 24k gold options give you the choice to go classic with gold or gypsy with silver.

Bronwen Jewelry Active Necklace


And don't ever forget about the option of layering a Tiny Charm Necklace with other necklaces. These sweet and functional little charms can pretty much go anywhere and do anything—just like you.

Ready to invest in yourself yet?

Go on, treat yourself. You deserve it.

Bronwen Jewelry Tiny Charm Necklace