Jewelry can be a metaphor for life. I love having pieces that blend together, that make me feel pretty, and that are appropriate for my lifestyle. As a mom to a 17-month-old daughter, I often feel like I have to cut corners to get everything done in the day. When I have my go-to Bronwen Jewelry on, there is a part of me that feels like I am keeping it together and that I am putting my best self forward, even when the rest of my day is falling apart.

Kim Havell Bronwen Jewelry


As an older mom and a long-time professional athlete, it has been a steep learning curve to readjust priorities and make sure I always put my family first. After years of freedom and chasing personal goals, I have learned a lot of humility and balance in these last two years. And, I still have a long way to go. It became important to step back from my old life and reevaluate a new path.

 Kim Havell Bronwen Jewelry Active Jewelry

My pregnancy went smoothly, but once our girl, Charlie, arrived, I realized how little I knew about raising a child in the world in which I had been living.  The pieces of my life are now starting to shift, and, with this change in perspective, I am finding a new peace and happiness in adjusted goals and in time spent showing my child the places and the activities that I love. It has been more rewarding than any other personal pursuit in which I have engaged.

Kim Havell Bronwen Jewelry Active Jewelry


When we find ways to make our pieces work, it creates a sense of harmony and contentment in our daily lives. Wherever I can find options to create more simplicity and order out of the chaos, I cherish it. These days, between work, baby, partner, ranch chores, and life stuff, I look for simple but quality solutions wherever I can find them – in clothing, in gear, in schedules, in jewelry. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with companies that embrace and support mothers, the outdoors, and our equality and strengths as women.

Kim Havell Bronwen Active Jewelry

So, when I get up in the morning on my daughter’s early schedule, I love selecting a few beautiful, comfortable, and reliable pieces to get my day started in the right way. I can head into the mountains and feel good about myself, my task at hand, and my family at home when I can make the right choices each day to keep on track. Making the pieces work whenever and wherever you can is success in and of itself.

 Kim Havell Bronwen Jewelry Active Jewelry