by Ashley Lodato

You feel the wind blowing on your face, hear the rush of it in your ears, see the road shimmering in front of your handlebars. You bank around a corner, exhilarated with your speed. Coasting down a hill, you see trees pass in a blur. You glide slowly to a stop, put your feet on the ground, and take a deep breath. “Hey,” says the gal on the bike next to you, “I love your earrings.”

Oh sure, she notices your sweet wheels, your confidence, your strength, but what really stands out for her is your jewelry.


If you’ve ever struggled to unsnarl an earring from the straps of a bike helmet, you’ll want to consider Bronwen Jewelry Tiny Charm earrings and posts next time. Our Tiny Charm earrings are small and sleek enough that they won’t hamper your ride or tangle with your hair or equipment, but they’re whimsical and sparkly enough to attract attention. Paired with a Tiny Charm necklace, the earrings make up a matched set; worn alone, the sterling silver or gold vermeil earrings are adorable enough to stand up on their own as accessories. In fact, some of our jewelry is so perfectly suited for bike helmets and apparel that it would be almost criminal to leave home for a bike ride unadorned.

Cyclists go wild for our Ribbon Wrap bracelets, which are soft with a vibrant blend of color and the sparkle of gold or silver-plated pewter. The wraps are adjustable, making them perfectly tailored to your wrist. Admiring this colorful wrap on your wrist will give you a boost of energy on the trail—but don’t forget to watch the path ahead! If your wrap gets dusty, no problem; simply clean it with some soapy water and allow to dry.


Like all Bronwen Jewelry, our Tiny Charm earrings, posts, and necklaces, and our Ribbon Wrap bracelets, are made by hand in our Bend, OR studio and come with a lifetime repair or replace warranty.

One of the driving factors of moving Bronwen Jewelry’s studio from Berkeley to Bend in 2012 was the proximity to world-class biking. Mountain biking, road biking, fat tires, cruising around on townies and electric bikes, and hauling cargo bikes with kids—you name it, Bend loves its cyclists, and the resident and visiting cyclists who come from all over the world love Bend.


Our love of cycling inspired us to become members of the Central Oregon Trails Alliance (COTA). COTA constructs and maintains human-powered multi-use trails and promotes safe and quality mountain biking experiences throughout Central Oregon. Bronwen Jewelry joined COTA not only because its founders are avid users of the trails and want to contribute to their maintenance and care, but also because we are passionate about outdoor recreation in general and stand behind COTA’s mission of enhancing the outdoor experience.

After COTA, we quickly discovered two Bend retailers whose support of bicycle sports is unparalleled: Pine Mountain Sports and Bend Electric Bikes. Both shops promote outdoor cycling and are great shops to rent or buy the bike that suits your needs.


At Bronwen Jewelry we’re all about cycles: the moon, the seasons, even the pattern of regularly repeated events we engage in, from Bend’s First Fridays to the annual Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. And yes, the rotation of those wheels on the bike of our choosing. At Bronwen Jewelry, we like to keep the wheels spinning. And as new ideas roll in, we make fabulous new products (like our Tiny Charm and Active Jewelry lines) available to you.