by Ashley Lodato

What’s a sure-fire trick to get your little (or big) girl excited about school starting in the fall? Appeal to her sense of style. And what better way to make a splash in the classroom than a sparkly new piece of kids’ jewelry from Bronwen’s Petite B collection of handmade jewelry?

kids jewelry

At Bronwen Jewelry, we know that girls are made of sugar & spice & everything nice… well as brains and strength and creativity and confidence. The days of girls sitting around embroidering and fingering their strings of pearls are over—today’s girls can be found on the sports field, on mountain peaks, running rivers, and climbing rocks, so they need bracelets and necklaces that accommodate these active lifestyles. Our active jewelry for kids is popular with girls of all ages (as well as with some boys!) and, truth be told, we’ve even seen some mamas eyeing their daughters’ bracelets and necklaces longingly.

Petite B for boys too

Whether your girl has her nose perpetually in a book, can’t put down the paintbrush, practically lives in her cleats or ballet shoes, or never met an animal she didn’t want to adopt, there’s something in our Petite B line for her. Surprise her with your choice of tiny charm necklace or let her pick it out herself. Stars, mermaids, fairies, hearts, magic wands, snowflakes…the only hard part will be settling on just one!

girls jewelry

Like our collection of active jewelry for women, our Petite B collection of featherlight and water-friendly charm necklaces stand up to the bath, the ocean, the soccer field, and the pool. They're also covered by our signature Bronwen lifetime repair/replace guarantee. These necklaces are designed to withstand your girl’s activities no matter how hard she plays. And as she grows, we’ll resize the necklaces to fit her.

petite girls jewelry

Complementing the Petite B charm necklaces are our Ribbon Wrap bracelets tailored for kids. The wrap consists of the same sumptuous silk ribbon and precious metal charms as the adult version, but it’s kid-sized and clasps with a whimsical heart-shaped pewter button clasp. Your girl can choose her favorite ribbon color from among a dozen options—rainbow! mango! hydrangea!—as well as selecting the length that will best suit her style. And she’ll love our cute new packaging, which features a Petite B model who dances, swims, skis, and loves to play in the mud just as much as any girl.

water jewelry kids

As we grow our Petite B line, we look to active girls for our inspiration in creating individual pieces. We watch them at school and at play, on the gym mats and deep in conversation. We note what they choose for back-to-school clothes at favorite stores like Hopscotch Kids and Stone Soup in Bend. We notice how girls use jewelry to reflect their personalities and define their individual senses of style. We aim to offer them a line of practical fashion jewelry that allows them to feel sparkly while still playing hard and adventuring to their hearts’ content.

water jewelry girls

And while you’re shopping for your daughter, don’t forget about the people who will help mold her into a confident, imaginative, and daring young woman. We’re pretty sure that teachers love Bronwen Jewelry just as much as little girls do.