The only number you need to remember this week is 25. Got it? 25. Because in a serendipitous (albeit cosmically meaningless) occurrence, Bronwen Jewelry can be found at Booth 25 when Outdoor Retailer opens on July 25 for Open Air Demo, and throughout the 4-day duration of the Summer Market trade show in Salt Lake City, Utah.

There are two reasons that Bronwen Jewelry participates in Outdoor Retailer: collections and connections. First, we can’t wait to share some of our new handmade artisan jewelry collections with you, designed and fabricated at our studio in downtown Bend, Oregon. We will be debuting new and original jewelry designs (all covered by our lifetime warranty, as always), as well as featuring our best-selling products and introducing some of our personal favorites and go-to pieces.

Bronwen Jewelry was born of a desire to create feminine jewelry that sporty girls could wear out in the backcountry—jewelry that would stand up to sand, salt, water, dirt, and sweat. Although we’ve expanded our line to include some artisan jewelry that probably won’t benefit from a full immersion, our roots remain in our active jewelry collections: the bracelets, necklaces, and earrings you can put on as you start your trip out into the wilds and which look just as great a week later when you emerge. Whether it’s a necklace inspired by a particular landscape, or simply a bracelet that adds a pop of color or sparkle to your backcountry travels, your Bronwen jewelry will stand up to the rigors of adventure.

Early on, retail companies like Title Nine and Sundance realized what a niche Bronwen Jewelry was filling, and have been ordering from our collections for the past decade. Not only is Bronwen Jewelry as sexy and as strong as the women who wear it, but every piece is backed by a lifetime repair or replace warranty. That’s a standard of quality and product commitment that trusted retailers like Title Nine and Sundance can get behind.

Since the beginning, Bronwen Jewelry has been committed to the connections we’ve forged with organizations that do work we admire. At a crossroads early in our inception, Bronwen Jewelry faced some tough decisions about sourcing materials. Ultimately, what felt true to our company’s brand was handcrafted jewelry made with fairly-acquired materials in respectable working conditions. Despite our growth over the years, we continue to hold ourselves to this standard.

Now, Bronwen Jewelry partners with organizations like Too Precious To Wear, which focuses on coral conservation (coral may look great on your bracelet, but it’s best left in the sea) and the No Dirty Gold campaign, which works to ensure that gold mining operations respect human rights and the environment.

Bronwen Jewelry has also been working to deepen strategic partnerships with organizations like the Bend-based Conservation Alliance to protect wild places and the Hera Foundation to eliminate ovarian cancer. We share a passion for the mission of these organizations and we support them through business membership and/or a percentage of sales of specific products, such as the custom Hera necklace and ear jackets. It’s connections like these that add value to what we’re doing at Bronwen Jewelry and establish us as partners for humanity and for the environment.

Come visit us at Booth 25 at Outdoor Retailer. At Bronwen Jewelry we understand that every retailer serves a different clientele, and we’ll help you select the pieces that will best help you connect with your unique audience. Our collections will be your connections.