by Ashley Lodato

You love winter: its crisp, cold nights, its feathery blanket of snow glittering in the sun, the alpine slopes, the Nordic trails, the ice stalactites of waterfalls, the smooth ribbons of frozen rivers. But admit it--after 4 or 5 months of shoveling your walkway, living in wool socks, and constantly having sodden mittens dripping by the woodstove, you're ready for a little lightweight living. Flip flops, a sundress, and a baseball cap--that's what you're looking forward to.

Accessorizing in winter is fun, but picking out jewels for spring is downright liberating. This week Bronwen Jewelry welcomes spring in the form of water-worthy essentials for beach, river, and lake living. Prepare yourself to be inspired.

Swim Wraps

Bronwen Jewelry active jewelry waterproof jewelry water bracelet carve swimsuit

Bronwen Jewelry's unique swim wrap bracelets are a no-brainer for spring and summer water sports. No matter what you're doing--from swimming laps to taking your SUP out on its maiden voyage to testing out that Pacific swell--a swim wrap will hang tight with you.

Swim wraps are so lightweight and comfortable that you won't even notice you're wearing one, but rest assured, others will. And as if the mere sight of these attractive, sturdy, active bracelets isn't enough, consider the fact that they're made out of surplus swimsuit materials from Carve Designs: repurposing at its finest. 

With swim wrap bracelets, your only dilemma is going to be "which one?" We've got you covered. The swim wrap's low price of $22 (and some at $14.50 during our spring sale!) makes it possible for you to say "yes" to more than just one.

Waterweave Bracelets:

bronwen jewelry waterproof bracelet active jewelry swim bracelet

One of the Waterweave Bracelet's many attributes is that it transitions seamlessly from a day on the river to a night on the town. You'll need to change your clothes between activities, but your Waterweave is good for the long haul. If you're a fan of the faceted Czech glass beads on the Glasswrap and Beleza bracelets, you're going to love their water-friendly cousin, the adjustable Waterweave. The Waterweave won't help you be a better surfer, paddler, or swimmer, but it will sure make you look better while you're doing your favorite water sports. 

Tiny Charms:

bronwen jewelry mermaid necklace active jewelry waterproof jewelry

Tiny Charm necklaces are our original water-friendly piece of jewelry and they're still living up to their reputation as the sturdiest and most versatile line of active jewelry on the market. Tiny Charms pack a lot of punch: a delicate silver or gold pendant on a deceptively rugged and irresistibly colorful cordelette. And once we realized how effortlessly elegant these little necklaces were, we added our line of Tiny Charm earrings.

Are the little girls with you? You're teaching them to love the water as much as you do, so they'll want to look like you as well. Give your little water girls a Tiny Charm Seahorse, a Tiny Charm Starfish, or a Tiny Charm Mermaid from our Petite B kids' line

For the most rigorous of water sports--surfing, whitewater, and other encounters with big waves--the Tiny Charm line is the one you'll want to be wearing. The fish in you says yes to Tiny Charms. 

Surfing-and-SUPing Staples:

For tackling the waves, we recommend some of our most swim/shower/sweat friendly pieces: Swim Wraps, of course, our Infinity Necklace, and our Fisherman's Anklet. You're happiest and sportiest when you're in the water; let us help you look and feel your best as well. 

Bronwen jewelry active jewelry anklet waterproof jewelry

Itching to dip your feet in the water? Let those feet look their finest, complemented by a Bronwen anklet. If you've never been an anklet wearer, it takes a little bit of a perspective shift to take the plunge to accessorizing your ankles, but once you make the switch you'll never go back (at least, not until it's time to clamp those ankles into stiff old ski boots again next winter...). For novices we recommend the sweet and delicate Daisy Chain Anklet. Experienced wearers should try our Thai Trail Anklet. And experts can skip straight to one of our faceted Czech glass bead Solstice Anklets. We should warn you, though; the difference between a novice anklet person and an experienced anklet person is just one beautiful anklet. 

Along with water gals everywhere, Bronwen Jewelry celebrates spring. What will you wear when you take that first plunge?

bronwen jewelry waterproof jewelry active jewelry