by Ashley Lodato

Psst....hey you. Yes, you. You surgeon in your scrubs that look and feel like pajamas, sensible clogs on your tired feet. And you freelance graphic artist, with your baggy sweatpants and smudged eyeglasses. Or you yoga instructor, sweat-dampened clothes and hair frizzed out in a messy bun. Even you, kindergarten teacher, sticky fingerprints on your jeans and bits of crayon stuck to the soles of your shoes. And you, wildlife biologist, mud-streaked pants tucked into clammy rubber boots, dirt under your fingernails and braids matted under a woolen cap. 

bronwen jewelry active jewelry hammered stacked rings

Yes, you, all of you. You know what time it is? Holiday party time, that's what. Office parties. Wine socials. White elephant gift swaps. Cookie exchanges. New Years bashes. Fundraiser galas. Family dinners. This time of year defines the phrase "social whirl." And that means it's time for the active girl to get cleaned up.

The good news is that secretly, you don't mind an excuse to dress up every now and then. Because even though you live your life in motion, you know that these times of celebration spent with friends and family are at the core of things you value. And if the price to pay for being on the social circuit is getting fancy, well, who are you to argue? (Besides, you know you look fabulous when you put in a little effort!)

The gals at Bronwen Jewelry--who, truth be told, pretty much live in yoga pants and jeans--offer three tips to other active gals who need to turn on their shining lights during the holiday season.

1) Revitalize that LBD (little black dress) 

Nothing, simply nothing, is a better backdrop for a new necklace than your favorite LBD. Vibrant colors, gleaming neutrals, and the sparkle of silver and gold all stand out stunningly against a black background. Let's face it--you don't need another LBD. You just need a statement necklace (we recommend a Tassel Necklace or anything from our Artisan B line) to make it look like a whole new outfit. Throw on some dangly earrings and a couple of beaded bracelets, and your ensemble is complete.

bronwen jewelry wrap bracelet gold necklace

2) Play with scale

Holiday parties are the perfect time to experiment with scale. Are you usually a post earrings kind of gal? Cut loose a bit and go for earrings that swing gracefully from your ears. Do you gravitate toward the understated elegance of delicate necklaces? That office party might be a good chance to try out the bold beaded necklace you've secretly been coveting. Or if you're already in the habit of wearing statement jewelry, exercise restraint with our Tiny Charm collection of earrings and necklaces. Because good things come in small packages, right?

bronwen jewelry beaded necklace wrap bracelets

3) Try a new you

Are you strictly a silver or gold gal? This holiday season, give mixed metals a whirl. Your tendency is toward neutrals? Jazz it up with some festive color. Not a ring wearer? You'd be amazed at what a little glimmer does for your hands. Think natural fibers aren't your thing? Think again--leather is both rustic and chic. Never take out those tiny diamond studs? Next time try ear jackets

bronwen jewelry wrap bracelet gold necklace

You get the idea? 'Tis the season for a little boldness. You might have to draw on some false bravado as you try out your new look, but we're betting that as the compliments roll in, your confidence will grow.