If nothing else, make sure your lipstick matches your hair color.What you didn’t know all those years–those years of smearing your face witchy black, or putting on the red clown nose, or piling your hair under a Cleopatra wig, or weighing down your neck and arms with the glittering rhinestones befitting a princess–what you didn’t know all those years is that once you grow up, every day can be Halloween. 

Oh sure, you lay off the pancake makeup and you forego the wig (although your natural hair color still might be a secret to all but you and your stylist). But those bracelets that made such a satisfying sound–such a rich sound–as they clicked together? Remember those? And the necklaces that fell so heavily and cool against your neck, those earrings that swayed as you tossed your hair (or Cleopatra’s) back over your shoulder? All those jewels give you the same pleasure now as they did years ago (decades ago, let’s face it) when you dressed up for Halloween.

Or for any other day, for that matter. Because if your childhood was anything like ours, playing dress-up was not just for October 31st. Playing dress-up gave you a glimpse into what life might be like when you finally attained that distant, ephemeral goal of becoming a fairy princess ballerina valkyrie prima donna goddess. Because that’s what you were going to be, at least, right after you finished your career as a professional award-winning news anchor/photojournalist and cured cancer.

Author and sister, Halloween 1975. The little black dress (or paper bag) never goes out of style.

So when you stopped coloring your lips and eyebrows with Magic Markers, and you stopped buying your jewelry in plastic bubbles spit out by gumball machines, and you quit letting your mom convince you that you looked exactly like a black cat with that tempura-painted paper bag over your head, that’s when you finally began to realize that dressing up is actually much easier once you’re a big girl.

Because let’s face it, do leather tassels ever get old? Nope. You just get more discerning. Your Tassel Necklace with Metallic Leather  looks as good–or better–on you than your cowgirl outfit did when you were three. It reminds you of the spirited girl you once were and makes you appreciate the confident woman you’ve become.  Pair it with Druzy Teardrop Earrings and you’re read for whatever fall throws your way. So whether you’re filling the house with gourd and dried leaf arrangements while drinking your pumpkin spice chai latte or simply enjoying the crisp air and golden light of autumn, Bronwen’s Fall/Holiday Assortments will get you into the spirit of the season.

Who says you can’t pair a tiny charm heart necklace with leather fringe?

When autumn’s earthy hues give way to the metallic and jewel tones of winter, surrender to the sparkle and surround yourself with some of the elegant beaded items in our Global Market or with some of our signature pieces that feature the shimmer and shine of silver and gold. Ribbon Wraps stacked with Glasswraps or Leather Cuffs are a big girl’s twist on the “pile ’em on” strategy you employed playing dress up, but the effect is more sophisticated.

If one anklet feels good, four anklets feels better.

So all those little girls in your life–the ones who won’t stop pawing through your jewelry box or trying on your shoes, the ones who you see walking down the street in their tutus, or their capes, with fairy dust sprinkled in their hair and dime store rings slipping from their fingers–don’t burst their bubble. Don’t tell them that no matter how much they love that strand of purple Mardi Gras beads you brought them from New Orleans, they’re going to love the real thing a lot more in a decade or so. For now, let them enjoy the magic of feeling beautiful, confident, and downright fabulous. Because what they don’t know yet is this: their best days of dressing up are still to come.