by Ashley Lodato

Fall is coming and it's time to get out your favorite jackets. EAR JACKETS, that is!

Ear jackets

The gals at Bronwen Jewelry started wearing ear jackets a couple of years ago and we just can't get enough of them. They're edgy. They're bold. They're comfortable. And it turns out that other women love them just as much as we do.

ear jacket bronwen jewelry

In a time of super-trendy jewelry, Bronwen's popular ear jackets stand out for their originality. Inspired byancestral Mexican and Native American designs, these ear jackets feature the art and symbols of early civilizations and indigenous people of the Americas, Africa, and East Asia.

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"What is an ear jacket?" you may be asking yourself. Ear jackets are an innovative earring designed to be worn as a post on the front of the ear and a jacket on the back of the ear. Like this. An ear jacket combines the elegant simplicity of a post with the avant-garde pizzaz of a dangly earring, for more sparkle, more interest, and more fun. 

Speaking of fun, at Bronwen Jewelry we're all about fun--climbing, hiking, boating, biking--you name it, we do it. So we're delighted when our jewelry accommodates our activities. We've found that most bracelets aren't great on the crags (glass beads and hand jams are not a fair match), but ear jackets are an entirely different story, says Bronwen ambassador Olivia Hsu, who spends about half of her waking hours, it seems, on the sharp end of the rope. Olivia has found that ear jackets are not only practical accessories on the rock face, but they also stand up to a jump in the lake at the end of the day. 

ear jacket

As you pack for your final summer adventure, don't forget your bag of Bronwen's active jewelry necklaces and bracelets, and the accessory that is sure to become your next favorite: your Bronwen ear jackets. If you're a Toltec girl, you'll love these replicas from Mesoamerican culture. Or perhaps the regal Pharoah is more your style? Few women, we're finding, can resist the intricately whimsical Thai Daisy. With a dozen designs to choose from--plus your choice of 5 post types--you're sure to find the ear jacket that suits your style as well as your activity. 

Ear jackets by Bronwen Jewelry: they won't keep you warm, but when you're wearing them you'll glow all day long.

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