by Ashley Lodato

We know your type. Oh yes, we're quite familiar with your particular breed of wanderlust. Backpack permanently half-packed by the front door, passport inky with visa stamps, baggies of 3oz. toiletries, a map of the world tacked to your fridge. The world, full of color, beauty, and texture, just waiting to be explored. 

Bronwen Travel Jewelry

We know your type, because that's who we at Bronwen Jewelry are too. We barely return from one trip before we're scheming for the next one. So many places, just enough time. How do you think we landed on this Adventure Jewelry thing anyway??

Bronwen Jewelry Travel Adventure

Travel is and always has been integral to Bronwen JewelryNot only does experiencing other sights and cultures give us great personal satisfaction, but it also opens up the door to discovering products we never dreamed of designing. When we travel, we are always seeking distinctively beautiful artisan jewelry to bring back in small batches to our customers. While not all of our curated goods are designed as active jewelry, you can bet we are out there in our tiny charms necklaces scouring markets just hunting for those special finds.

Bronwen Jewelry Travel

This is how our Global Market was born: as a way to showcase the stunning creations of artisans from around the world. We've found some of our favorite handmade wrap bracelets and active bracelets in far reaches of the globe where artisans have skills that have been passed down from generations and which fetch them good prices for the goods where we could never dream of manufactuing such a work of art at an affordable price. By offering the crafts of cultures near and far, we feel that our Bronwen outdoor jewelry designed for active women is even more compelling because we recognize that our customers love to travel in the same manner as we do. 

Huichol Earrings Bronwen Jewelry

Take, for example, our partnership with Huichol Love, where modern jewelry design meets traditional Huichol craft. The Huichol (or Wixáritari--"the people") Indians are a small tribe of approximately 35,000 living in central western Mexico near Ixtlan in the Sierra Madre Mountains. They are said to be the last tribe in North America to have maintained their pre-Columbian traditions, and, like many indigenous peoples around the globe that are facing modernity, their vibrant culture is in danger of vanishing.

Bronwen Jewelry Huichol Jewelry

Huichol Love's collection is designed to benefit the Huichol people and to spread love for the Huichol culture. The creation of Huichol Love jewelry helps provide opportunities for Huichol people to remain in their homeland while utilizing their traditional skills to sustain themselves. Every piece in the collection is hand beaded by the Huichol people in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. Each of Huichol pieces offered through Bronwen Jewelry is true perfection: a combination of colorful ethnic intensity and shimmering clean glamour. Not to mention that the line is designed by our insanely beautiful and even more insanely talented friend, Jeri Lynn Ingram.  Jeri Lynn splits her time between Mexico and Austin Texas with her artist husband and loveable children. 

Huichol Love Bronwen Jewelry

Our collaboration with a company who sources from a women's creative cooperative in Colombia has a similar focus; with jewelry purchases benefitting local artisans. Take our Beaded Ombre Cuff, for example. Made by hand in the Colombian cooperative, beads are strung onto strong nylon for durability, yet remain soft and pliable due to the delicate nature of the beads. Made by women, and sourced by women, for women. How's that for a global creative partnership? Artisan jewelry looks even better with a nice story behind it. 

Bronwen Jewelry Beaded Ombre Cuff

The more we travel, the more we discover artisans tucked away in unexpected pockets of the globe, creating wearable art in the traditions of their ancestors. When we found this Beaded Nepalese Necklace we were captivated by the story of its makers, who are Nepalese refugees living in India. The limited edition necklace is a beautiful blend of traditional craft and modern shape, and has a satisfying drapey feel to it. Best of all, the profits benefit Nepalese refugees.

Bronwen Jewelry Beaded Necklace Active Jewelry

Sometimes, just a reminder of travel is enough to get us through times when we just can't get away from home. Our Aurelia Beaded Rings are a great example of this. Festive and bright, these adjustable sterling silver and beaded rings can transport you to warmer climates in your memory. They're made in a traditional form by artisans in Jalisco, Mexico, and add a little pizzazz to any outfit you pair them with.

Bronwen Jewelry Beaded Aurelia Ring

Oh, and there are matching and complementary earrings as well. We predict you'll be as crazy about them as we are. You'll be hard-pressed to find Bronwen Lodato in any other pair of earrings. 

Bronwen Beaded Earrings Artisan Jewelry

The same roaming that put the delightful and whimsical Aurelia line in our hands also brought us to the namesake Roam Beaded Diamond Earrings (which come in cream gold or black gold, by the way). These Bronwen designed elegant diamond-shaped beauties are made by an established Fair Trade artisan and are likely to become your favorite neutral staple piece of jewelry.

Bronwen Jewelry Beaded Earrings

Some call our desire to explore wanderlust, others say it's just a bad case of itchy feet. In German, it's fernweh--an irresistible impulse to travel. We just think of it as savoring every stop possible on life's incredible journey.