by Ashley Lodato

Ok, let's face it; Christmas is two scant weeks away, and you haven't begun to think about gifts yet.

There's no shame in being in this predicament, and girl, we can tell you that you're not alone. That's why we at  Bronwen Jewelry have assembled a gift guide of some of our most popular items, all available for under $75 when you shop our TWO DAY ONLY SALE on Saturday, December 16th and Sunday, December 17th.

That's right, our one day sale allows you to select thoughtful, affordable, artisan jewelry that comes with a lifetime warranty. Pieces you know your friends and family will love, at prices you'll appreciate. Just use offer code QuickGift25 to access the discounts on outdoor jewelry, adventure jewelry, and other handcrafted jewelry from Bronwen Jewelry.

Your shopping is made easy with the list below, which includes nine Bronwen favorites at less than $75 when purchased through our one day sale..

1. Glasswrap Bracelet. A Bronwen staple, the Glasswrap Bracelets are nearly impossible to keep in stock, as they simply fly off the shelf and onto the wrists of gals on the go. Two parallel strands of hand-braided shimmering Czech glass beads and faceted spacers wrap the wrist twice and show up as four strands of gorgeousness.  The Glasswrap Bracelet is the perfect active bracelet for the active girl--it looks as great at a cocktail party as it does out on the trail, and can accompany you in the shower as you transition between disparate activities.

GlassWrap Bracelet Bronwen Jewelry

2. Landscape Mountain Necklace. For the mountain girl at heart, look no further than the Landscape Mountain Necklace. This swim/sweat/shower friendly necklace is a beautiful reminder of the mountains, even when you're stuck in town. As comfortable as a Tiny Charm Necklace, the Landscape Mountain Necklace ramps the charm-wearing up a notch, even while maintaining the understated chic adopted by the mountain crowd.

landscape Necklace Bronwen Jewelry Mountain

3. Standard HoopsOur Standard Issue Hoop Earrings are anything but standard, yet they will swiftly become a part of your daily ensemble, removed only occasionally and with great reluctance. Hand-forged and hand-stamped in silver or gold, these earrings are versatile and strong, featuring a classic design with a modern artisan twist. The Standard Issue Hoops are one of our most beloved pieces; make sure your special someone feels some Standard Hoop love too. Available in silver and gold and two versatile sizes. 

4. Pyrite Isis Necklace. Once you put on the Pyrite Isis Necklace you'll never want to remove it, so if you're buying this as a gift for someone else you'd better get two. Mixed metals of 24k gold vermeil spacers make a path around faceted Pyrite nuggets, elegant and edgy at the same time.  This necklace is bold enough as a stand-alone piece, and sheer genius when layered with virtually any other piece. The Pyrite Isis necklace has all the sparkle of a gemstone necklace but with a grounded strength for the girl who has both of those things as well.

Bronwen Jewelry Pyrite Isis Necklace

5. Samba EarringsThe epitome of simple elegance, the Samba Earrings are perfectly balanced drop earrings that effortlessly blend sterling silver and satin gold vermeil in an understated drop earring. The mixed metal is on trend with current styles but the Samba Earrings avoid trendiness. Their timeless simplicity and delicate nature are as appealing as any design you'll ever encounter.

Bronwen Jewelry Samba Earrings

6. Sun Ray Ear JacketIt's possible that the Sun Ray Ear Jacket is the first piece of jewelry to have a cult following, but once you try these best-seller ear jackets on you'll understand why. The geometric lines are edgy and striking, yet uniform and pleasing. Inspired by indigenous Mexican and Native American cultures, the Sun Ray Ear Jacket is designed to be worn as a post on the front of the ear and the jacket on the back of the ear.

Bronwen Jewelry Ear Jackets

7. Toltec 6 (Set of 6 Rings). If you're buying for the woman who can't make up her mind about which metal is her favorite, the Toltec 6 will be a treasured and versatile gift. This lightweight and sturdy set of six rings comes in three metals: sterling silver, 24K gold vermeil, and rose gold. The unique patterns of indigenous Mexican and Native American cultures give these rings a unique artisan flair.

Bronwen Jewelry Rings Toltec 6

8. Prayer Flag Necklace. A perfect combination of sophistication and practicality, this stamped chain necklace has the best of all worlds.  It looks amazing layered with other necklaces and stands strong alone as well. Sweat/swim/shower friendly and sporty in function, it can be worn for days--even weeks--on end. Mixed metal is a provocative and effective blend in this piece, which comes in a beautiful neutral taupe that compliments everything. We love to wear two of them in different lengths for the perfectly simple clean layered look.

Prayer Flag Necklace Bronwen Jewelry

9. Double Beleza BraceletIf you love the Glasswrap Braceletyou're going to adore its edgy little cousin, the Double Beleza Bracelet. The mixed metals and shimmering Czech glass beads in this handcrafted wrap bracelet make for an interesting and versatile piece. The Double Beleza layers beautifully with any of our other bracelets and looks great doubled in the same color or an alternate color. 

Bronwen Jewelry Double Beleza Bracelet

Remember, the QuickGift25 code on Saturday, December 16th and Sunday, December 17, at our TWO DAY ONLY SALE gives you access to discounts on high-quality artisan handcrafted jewelry. And while you're at it, don't forget stocking stuffers--some of our most popular items that are always priced below $50, like our Tiny Charm Necklaces, Ribbon Wrap Bracelets, Swim Wrap Bracelets, nearly all of our Post Earrings, and everything in our Petite B line for our favorite little people, our kids. 

Let Bronwen Jewelry help you give the gift of beauty.