by Ashley Lodato

With Pomp and Circumstance playing as robed graduates march down aisles all over the country, a beloved milestone event has been occurring in high schools and colleges all over the country this month. If you've been to one traditional commencement ceremony, it's as if you've been to them all: the welcome, the march, the student speakers, the inspirational speech, the distribution of diplomas, the moving of the tassel, the throwing of the mortarboards, the crying parents. 

And yet it is this sameness that makes these ceremonies so significant. The ritual signifies to us that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves--something that is being replicated throughout June in communities across the country. 

But while all commencement ceremonies are the same, each graduate is unique. We are all, each of us, like snowflakes--individual, distinctive, imbued with our own idiosyncrasies, possessed of our own individualism. That's why when you're thinking about gifts for graduates, you are considering the singular preferences of the person you're shopping for. 

So who is your graduate and what can Bronwen Jewelry help you give her? 

The Bohemian

Your girl is all soft curls and flowing skirts, barefoot half the year, a true free spirit. She'll love our Ribbon Wrap Bracelets, with their sumptuous hand-dyed silk and sparkly gold or silver plated pewter bangles. With dozens of colors to choose from, the Ribbon Wrap complements any skin tone and outfit, and perfectly suits the gypsy temperament.

Graduation Gifts for girls Bronwen Jewelry

The Scholar

Studious types don't like anything to get in the way of their schoolwork, so the delicately unfussy Tiny Charm Necklace is the perfect choice for your bookworm. The Tiny Charm is lightweight, sweat/swim/shower friendly, and it's strung on 100% nylon cordelette, making it highly durable--even if your girl tugs on it the entire time she's studying. To make your gift extra special, throw in a pair of matching or complementary Tiny Charm Earrings

The Nature Buff

If your favorite graduate heads for the hills every time she gets the chance, then the Landscape Mountain Necklace is the pendant she'll want to wear. The sterling silver and bronze pendant is cast in Thailand under Fair Trade circumstances and hangs delicately from a strong thin cord that is undaunted by sweat. Whether she's wearing it in the backcountry or as a reminder of the places she's happiest, the graduate will be thrilled to bring her mountain with her wherever she goes.  

Graduation Gifts for girls Bronwen Jewelry

The Water Girl

Once your graduate clasps a Waterweave Bracelet around her wrist, she's unlikely to take it off for days--if not weeks--on end. Not only do these bracelets stand up to the shower, they are perfectly at home in saltwater, whitewater, pondwater, icewater, and any other type of water your gal can't keep herself away from. Faceted Czech glass beads are tightly woven into a very durable and water-proof cording with decorative tassel detail. Wear one alone or stack 'em up for a show of color in the water. 

The Artist

The Turquoise Trail Necklace has just the right combination of color, shape, line, form, depth, rhythm, and balance to appeal to the artist's aesthetic. The mixed metal design of sterling silver and 24 karat gold vermeil is slightly edgy, while the pops of turquoise are both grounding and visually interesting. This is one necklace that won't dangle in the paint can when your graduate is hard at work in the studio, and it transitions seamlessly from accessorizing a paint smock to sparkling on a little black dress for evening wear. 

Graduation Gifts for girls Bronwen Jewelry

The Sweetheart

This girl has been nothing short of entirely lovable throughout her life. Honor her with a Bitty Heart Ring that shows her you're aware of the love she spreads in the world. Not only is this delicate ring surprisingly sturdy, it's not syrupy sweet; a contrast of sterling silver and brass makes it visually interesting. It's handmade under Fair Trade practices in Bali and comes in three sizes. Stack with Bronwen's Daily Bands for even more avant-garde appeal. 

Graduation Gifts for girls Bronwen Jewelry

The Girl Who Plays with Fire

We hope there's not actually a pyromaniac in your circle, but there are plenty of fiery girls out there who will delight in the gift of our Matchstick Earrings. Although these small post earrings seem understated, they look dramatic once in the ears: a little bit sleek, a little bit daring. They come in both sterling silver and 24 karat gold, so your graduate can wear the metal she finds most precious. 

Pomp, circumstance, and a little bit of Bronwen--cap and gown not required.