by Ashley Lodato

Oh, the weather outside is frightful! So as usual, you are bundled in your standard-issue winter wear of leggings, wool skirt, silk tank, long sleeve Capilene shirt, fleece sweater, puffy vest, cashmere scarf, and favorite pom-pon hat. With all these layers, what's the point of jewelry? After all, who is going to see it, anyway?

Bronwen Jewelry Pom Hat

Don't let winter cheat you out of that confident feeling you get when you wear a beautiful piece of jewelry! You shouldn't underestimate the winter "wow" factor of jewelry, regardless of whether you're wearing it for that inner boost of mojo it gives you or for the compliments you get when others notice you in a particularly attractive piece of bling. 

For you, winter might mean skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snowmobiling, ice skating, or snowshoeing. You're on the move, transitioning effortlessly from one bag of winter gear to another. Or it might mean hot toddies around the fire, curling up with a favorite book, or feeling the pulse of your city's nightlife. You're introspective in winter, giving yourself time and space for redefining priorities and making deliberate decisions. Whatever your favorite winter past-time, Bronwen Jewelry has you covered for accessories. 

Bronwen Jewelry Active Jewelry

Our Active Jewelry line of artisan necklaceshandcrafted bracelets, and active-wear earrings is well-suited for winter sports, as neither the sweat you cook up on the slopes nor the steam of the hot tub will phase our pieces that are designed specifically with these activities in mind. Salt, shower, and sweat-friendly, our active jewelry rarely even requires removal, except when you're seeking a style change.

Items like our Waterweave Bracelet, for example, are no-brainers when it comes to suitability for active winter wear. But did you know that our Ribbon Wrap Bracelet holds up admirably to the rigors of an active lifestyle? (Full immersion not recommended, however.) And with dozens of irresistible colors to choose from, you may have difficulty making a decision. 

Bronwen Jewelry Active Ribbons

Our New Moon Necklace marks the start of a new lunar cycle and signifies, for us, new beginnings and opportunities. Because it's adjustable you can layer this necklace with anything from a Sand Pebble Necklace to a Tiny Charm Necklace, or wear it as a distinctive stand-alone piece. New beginnings sometimes means experimenting with a bolder style, and this unpretentious New Moon Necklace will shepherd you into this process.

Bronwen Jewelry New Moon Necklace

You can achieve an edgier look with our Mixed Metal Ronja Posts, whose weight you won't notice even under a helmet or headband but whose striking aesthetic will attract the attention of others. Understated enough for the office yet avant-garde enough to wear to the nightclub, the Ronja Posts are complementary to a variety of fashion situations.

Bronwen Jewelry Ronja Post Earrings

If you're looking for a sweet piece to clip on and wear for basically the entire winter, let our Radiance Bracelet be your entre into the assets we like to think of as "endurance jewelry"; that is, jewelry that you wear for days on end. Some might call this lack of imagination; we call it simple practicality. If you have a favorite piece--as the Radiance Bracelet is sure to become--why not make a regular component of your ensemble?

At just $36, the Radiance is one of the most economical pieces in the Bronwen collection and since it's all-around water-friendly, there's no reason to remove it between the slopes, the gym, and the shower. Two metals and five colors to select from means ten times the options. 

Bronwen Jewelry Radiance Bracelet

Winter is the sparkle of sunlight on snow, the shimmer of a winter moon on a frozen lake, the glimmer of sunrise in a leaden sky. Winter: it's your time to shine.