by Ashley Lodato

When Bronwen Lodato of Bronwen Jewelry was instructing backpacking courses in Central Oregon for Outward Bound in the late 1990s, she longed for some jewelry that would withstand the rigors of extended stints in the field. Jewelry that would retain its shine and polish even after two or three weeks of exposure to sun, sweat, dirt, and water. In her early 20s Bronwen had enjoyed a brief macrame-and-shell necklace crafting phase, but this time she had her eye set on something more refined--jewelry that was delicate and sexy, yet sturdy and resilient. 

Bronwen couldn't find what she was looking for--so she made it! And 12 years later she debuted Bronwen Jewelry at the Outdoor Retailer trade show (OR) in 2008, as the pioneer of the active jewelry category. 

Bronwen Jewelry Outdoor Retailer

For the past 11 years Bronwen and the crew of Bronwen Jewelry have set up a booth at OR's Summer Market, introducing the Bronwen brand to new customers and showing existing Bronwen aficionados the latest lines of outdoor jewelry, leather cuffs, active bracelets, swim wrapsear jackets, and other handcrafted artisan jewelry that is as at home in the backcountry as it is on the dance floor.

At OR we see old friends and make new ones. We look at outdoor gear and dream about expeditions we want to take, or reminisce about trips we've had in the past. OR is a chance to share our love of outdoor activities and showcase our contribution to the industry: artisan jewelry that celebrates the places and activities that make us feel alive.

Bronwen Jewelry Outdoor Retailer

It used to be that when a woman packed for a trip to the mountains, the river, or the crags she left her jewelry at home. But with Bronwen Jewelry, women can now bring their favorite pieces outside with them. Outdoorsy gals may get their hands and shirts dirty when they're playing hard in wild places, but their Bronwen Jewelry won't lose its shine. Not all of our pieces are swim/sweat/shower friendly--such as some of our artisanal statement necklaces or global market items--but most of them are. So you can simply clip on your favorite piece and wear it until you're ready for a new look. 

Bronwen Jewelry Outdoor Retailer

Whether our lines of jewelry handmade in the USA are water-friendly or not, they're all protected by our signature repair/replace warrantyBecause at Bronwen Jewelry, we stand behind the quality of our products as firmly as we stand behind the belief that women should play hard in the backcountry without worrying about their jewelry. 

Get outside, live big, don't hold back--Bronwen Jewelry has you covered.