By Ashley Lodato

For the past few months people all over the world have been mooning over the upcoming total solar eclipse, but at Bronwen Jewelry we have been crazy about the sun and moon for….well, pretty much since the beginning of Bronwen Jewelry!

First take the sun—that fiery sphere of glowing gasses that gives Earth its climate and weather. The sun brings us light and warmth. Its mystery and majesty give us a long tradition of solar idolatry. And it has long served as inspiration for Bronwen favorites like our Sunburst Necklace, our Sun Disc Rings, and our Sun Ray Ear Jacket. Oh, and did we mention our best selling curated piece, the Beaded Desert Sun Cuff?

beaded desert sun cuff Bronwen

You see, at Bronwen Jewelry we perceive the sun in many forms, and we use those perspectives to design sun-inspired jewelry that not only honors the giant star at the center of our solar system but which also honors the aesthetic you cultivate for your own image through accessories.

Ah, but with all this attention to the sun let’s not forget about the moon. Earth’s own and only natural satellite—cool, mysterious, always changing. At Bronwen Jewelry we’ve watched the moon rise full, illuminating the high desert. We’ve seen its shimmering reflection on alpine lakes and walked forest paths by its silvery light. We’re so enchanted by the moon’s gleaming color and mutable light that we just can’t stop designing artisan jewelry that pays homage to this incredible celestial body.

Our Callisto Necklace gives you a simple crescent moon on a water-friendly adjustable cord, while our best selling Tiny Charm Moonbeam is a textured variation on this crescent shape and is equally safe to wear in water. A more traditional sliver of arc moon can be found in our Tiny Charm Crescent Moon necklace, which is available in gold or silver and 9 cord colors to choose from.

Complement these lunar necklaces with our sweet Mixed Metal Moon Ring and Cascade Drop Earrings, which pairs a sterling silver band with a shiny brass moon. Or get elemental with any of our elegant moonstone pieces, like our , which feature laser-cut geometric chain and bezel-cut gemstones. And don’t miss our Rainbow Moonstone Necklace, whose soft palette of mixed metals on neutral synthetic cord belies its strength and durability.


If you have a starry-eyed little one, she will be delighted by our Petite B Shooting Star necklace and the Stardust Cuff will be as much of a standout on your wrist as the glowing cosmic dust is in the sky.

Our handmade Eclipse Necklace and Earrings have been selling so quickly for Eclipse 2017 we haven't even been able to get a proper picture to post on our website so you'll just have to come down and see them in person - our handmade jewelry is created in our downtown Bend studio, where we have both a retail space and a workshop in an airy, sunlit atelier. We’re committed to producing our pieces in the USA and we source all of our materials through fair trade methods. At Bronwen, we’re equally committed to providing you with beloved pieces of jewelry that will last you a lifetime, and with that goal in mind we offer a lifetime replace/repair warranty on every ring, necklace, bracelet, or earring that we sell.

Stop in and see us - we will be open for shopping our normal hours of 10 - 4pm Monday through Friday as well as Saturday 19th for those of you that find weekend shopping is easier.  55 Minnesota Ave downtown, directly above The Wine Shop. 

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Central Oregon is gearing up for next week’s “Apoca-Eclipse” (we’ve been warned to expect up to 1 million visitors). There are plenty of solar themed events taking place in the area, like Oregon Solar Fest. So along with other merchants in downtown Bend, we at Bronwen are busy making sure that when you visit, you’ll find what you’re looking for. We shop locally as much as possible, and hope that you will, too.