by Ashley Lodato

In a world that seems vast, fast-paced, and sometimes anonymous, it's easy to feel as insignificant as a mere pebble. But as we all know, a pebble dropped into a pond sends out surface waves, which ripple out in concentric circles, touching a greater surface area of water than the pebble itself touched. One little stone--one big ripple. 

At Bronwen Jewelry, we are committed to making waves. We know that jewelry itself won't feed the hungry, save the planet, or facilitate world peace (but hey, if it could we'd be right there leading the charge!), but through partnering with organizations that tackle some of humanity's greatest challenges, we are casting our own pebbles into the pond, relishing the ripples they create.

Our latest stone is actually that--a stone. Well, a series of stones, to be accurate. We created our custom adjustable, water-friendly Little Stones Mosaic Bracelet to honor the Little Stone Project, which provides four days of art, education, and inspiration, through film, workshops, and a pop-up artisan market, all in the vibrant and progressive city of Bend, OR.

Little Stones Bracelet

The Little Stone Project's 2016 origins stem from feelings generated by a divided country, political unease, and a dramatic Pacific Northwest winter. The project itself began as a question: "What power does an individual have when national and global challenges seem insurmountable?"

Project organizer Cheryl Parton noticed the way purpose-driven companies and artisans were finding answers to social problems and even affecting larger systems and used this observation to put forth a micro-solution: "What if each one of us activated our passions, talents and skills and directed them toward good even in a small way?"

Upon learning that a recent award-winning documentary film called Little Stones explored this very idea--the notion of using the arts to create social change--Parton was convinced that an event focused on this concept could make waves in her community. And the Little Stone Project was born. This year, the Little Stones film is the centerpiece of the event.

The message of both the film and the Little Stone Project is this: There are many ways to be a little stone in the mosaic of larger social movements. Small actions can create large change in the world. 

Proceeds from the event will benefit Saving Grace, which provides comprehensive family violence and sexual assault services and promotes the value of living life free from violence. Additionally, 10% of the proceeds of Bronwen Jewelry's Little Stones Mosaic Bracelet will be donated to Saving Grace. The bracelets are sold at JuBeeLee in downtown Bend, along with artisan merchandise from other purpose-driven companies.

This is the way we like to work at Bronwen Jewelry: using our creativity and passion to create momentum and foundations for social and environmental change. We are just one tiny stone, but all mosaics are made out of little pieces. Together, we create something bigger than all of us.