by Ashley Lodato

Summer solstice 2018 dawns in the early hours of Thursday, June 21st, and with it ushers in the longest day of the year and the official beginning of summer. Warm nights, lazy days, feet bare, hair pulled back--if you're a child of summer then this is the launch of your time to shine. And Bronwen Jewelry is right here to help you blend your love of summer with your love of simple, sexy artisan jewelry

Derived from the Latin word solstitium ("sol" = sun + "stitium" = stand still), the summer and winter solstices mark the times of midsummer and midwinter when the sun seems to hang in the sky without moving as it reaches its zenith. Nearly every agricultural society in history has noted these days each year, and many societies left elaborate recordings of the sun's travels.

The summer solstice celebrates the sun in all its full glory--its fire, its light, its power. At Bronwen Jewelry, we like to celebrate those same qualities in YOU--your fire, your light, your power. In honor of the summer sun, we offer these unique pieces of handcrafted jewelry to applaud the blazing star that brings us life.

Our Beaded Desert Sun Cuff is not only our most recent curation from a women's creative cooperative in Colombia, it's also our latest favorite. Lightweight but deceptively sturdy, this Fair Trade statement piece is a burst of color on your wrist. 

Soltice Jewelry Bronwen Jewelry

The Sun Disc Ring Set shimmers on your fingers like the sun shimmers in the sky. Contrasting metals (sterling silver, 24k gold vermeil, and rose gold) evoke images of the sun and its coppery tones, while the hammered detail echoes the texture of the sun's fiery surface. 

Ear jackets are all the rage and our Sun Ray Ear Jacket leads the pack for elegance and edginess. Three rays of sterling silver or 24k gold vermeil radiate out from an ancient Mexican-inspired post, paying homage to the indigenous civilizations whose lives were inextricably linked with the sun.

Our simple and sweet Sunburst Necklace whispers to the world your attachment to the sun's warmth and light. Like all of our Tiny Charm necklaces, the Sunburst is lightweight, swim/sweat/shower friendly, and sporty in function. 

Where would the moon be without the sun? Hidden from our view, that's for sure. The sun brings the moon to light, literally, and we honor that relationship with our New Moon Necklace, which represents the start of a new lunar cycle, new beginnings, fresh starts. The sterling silver pendant is strung on a sturdy cord dotted with pops of 24k vermeil and stands up to water, sand, dirt, and sweat.

Two other moon-focused Tiny Charms you're sure to love are our Crescent Moon and Moonbeam necklaces.  Sweet and functional, these necklaces work well when you're working hard to summit a peak, top out on a climb, or run a rapid, but they're lovely accessories for casual or dressy attire as well. The Tiny Charm necklaces and earrings are unique outdoor jewelry for gals who spend their summers outdoors. 

Solstice Jewelry Bronwen Jewelry

On this shortest night of the year, let's not forget the stars in the heavens above. Twinkling down on us in the dark skies, they're the encore once the sun has exited the stage. Our Mixed Metal Star Ring is sleek and intriguing, with its contrast of sterling silver and brass. The Tiny Charm Star is a go-to piece for the girls of summer; in fact, once you clip it on you might not take it off until the autumnal equinox, it's so light, comfortable, and cute. If you're starry-eyed about our artisan jewelry, go all out with our matching collection of tiny stars: Teeny Star necklaceMixed Metal Star Ring, and Teeny Star Post Earrings. And don't forget the mini-me in your life; bring her along on your celestial journey with a Petite B Shooting Star Necklace for kids. 

Soltice Jewelry Bronwen Jewelry

Life can sometimes feel like one long orbit, as you move from home, to work, to errands, to home, to work.... Like the earth, you seem to be forever orbiting something grander. But it's a long and beautiful journey, punctuated by shining moments and fits of passion. As you give thanks to the sun and all the luminescence it delivers, take a moment to celebrate yourself and all the radiance you bring to the world. And let Bronwen Jewelry help you bring your inner shine to light.