by Ashley Lodato

With Valentine's Day retail promotions beginning right after Christmas, it would be easy to fall into the trap of believing that the romance-inspired holiday is one to worry about, prepare for, and drop a lot of money on. But at Bronwen Jewelry, we believe that Valentine's Day is simply another opportunity to express your love for some of the women in your life, whether they're girlfriends, daughters, mothers, or wives. There's not much we love more than helping you select handmade jewelry that will show how much you care, and believe us--there are few possessions a girl or woman treasures more than an artisan-made necklace, bracelet, or ring that reminds them of cherished relationships. 

The tiny girls in your life will love any of the heart-themed necklaces in our Petite B line: the Happy Heart Petite B Necklace, the Winged Heart Petite B Necklace , or the Key to My Heart Petite B NecklaceWater-friendly and designed to be worn for days on end, our Petite B necklaces are made with sterling silver charms on nylon cordelette in vibrant colors.

Valentines Day jewelry  Bronwen Jewelry Gifts

And if your little gal prefers wrist adornments to necklaces, she'll love any one of our Petite B Wrap Bracelets, all of which fasten with a sweet heart-shaped clasp.

Valentines Day Gifts Bronwen Jewelry

Heart necklaces designed for women hold the same visual appeal and share the Petite B line's high-quality construction, delicate aesthetic, and durable design: Tiny Charm Puffy Heart , Tiny Charm Shining Heart Tiny Charm Lotus Heart , and Tiny Charm Flower Heart

Valentines Day Gifts Bronwen Jewelry

If you like it and you plan to put a ring on it, you can rest assured that our Bitty Heart Stacking Ring will not only capture her heart, but will encircle her finger in a striking mixed metal blend of sterling silver and brass. Handmade in Bali and available in three sizes, this ring is sweet or sexy, according to your mood. 

If it's the color of love you seek, look no further than to one of our artisan necklaces featuring rubies. The rubies we use are not the garish rubies of fairy tales, but instead the classic shimmering gemstones that offer a pop of glamour on a sturdy and lightweight necklace that you can wear through sand, surf, and sweat. Our Ruby Trail Necklace goes with every item in your closet, while the Ruby Isis Necklace has been described to us as "the best little layering necklace in the world."

Valentines Day Jewelry Bronwen Jewelry Gifts

We adore the colors of love so much that we're always on the lookout for materials to use in our beaded necklaces and bracelets. And fortune smiled on us recently, when at the Tucson Gem Show Bronwen staff  discovered the crystal rhodochrosite, which offers the most healing medicine of all: unconditional love. Evolved over the millennia from a combination of manganese carbonate, rhodochrosite's beautiful pink color and unique patterns of white bands create a stunning contrast that's easy on the eyes. Often called "the compassionate cheerleader," rhodochrosite is a heart-based healing crystal and opens up the heart chakras to the possibilities of healing, happiness, and love. Our artisans are busy in our Bend, OR studio designing ways to bring rhodochrosite to you in the form of beaded jewelry and pendant necklaces. What better timing to create with this stunning crystal than when love is in the air?

Valentines Day Gifts Bronwen Jewelry

Valentine's Day gifts don't have to break the bank. Sweet, simple tokens of love are often the most appreciated and most versatile offerings on this day of widespread affection. Whether the woman in your life is the one who has been there for you all along, the one you used to squabble with but now adore, or the one you plan to spend the rest of your life with, she will be delighted with a piece of hand-crafted jewelry. And like your love, everything at Bronwen Jewelry is designed to last a lifetime.