by Ashley Lodato

Nothing says summer like long hours spent in the water. Whether you’re a river rat, a surfer girl, a lap swimmer, or just a gal who can’t resist the siren song of any body of water, you’re happiest when the dominant chemical formula in your life is H2O.

We share your passion for a life on the water and we know how to help give you a boost with your summertime jewelry. Most of our active jewelry is water-friendly—but our Swim Wrap Bracelets were created specifically to spice up your water-sports ensemble.

The concept of re-using scrap fabric coupled with an interest in creating the ultimate jewelry for water activity. This led to our co-branded partnership with Carve Designs, and the result is a collection of stunning water-friendly bracelets that keep waste material out of the landfill. 

When Carve Designs fabricates one of its signature bikinis, tankinis, or rashguards at the Los Angeles or San Francisco small factories, a small amount of fabric remains in excess. Bronwen Jewelry repurposes these pristine remnants into use in our Bend, OR studio, creating original swim wrap bracelet which are as compatible with water as the swimsuits they come from. 

Like all of Bronwen Jewelry products, the swim wraps are made in the USA by hand, and are covered by our lifetime repair/replace warranty. With their bright and bold patterns accentuated with sterling silver beads, the bracelets also make a functional headband or hair tie and are colorful, adorable, practical, fully adjustable, and fully waterproof. They’re supple and stretchy, designed to accommodate any wrist and fit anyone (yes, men like them too); one size flatters all. You won’t find a more versatile bracelet for water.  We've been seeing girls wear them as chokers and double wrap anklets and we love it!

You want a bracelet to match your swimsuit? Not a problem—Bronwen Jewelry and Carve Designs have you covered. But the patterns are so fresh and fun—not to mention affordable— that you’ll probably find yourself wanting to have more than just one. 

Bronwen Jewelry ambassador Jill Wheeler is just one of many water girls you might see in a swim wrap. As a kiter, surf, and stand up paddleboard yoga instructor, Jill can’t let her jewelry get in the way of her water sports and she has traveled the world extensively sharing the good word of Bronwen Jewelry with watergirls far and wide.  Another Bronwen Jewelry ambassador, Fiona Wylde, a professional SUP racer, windsurfer and surfer, likes the femininity a piece of jewelry adds to her racer image. Fiona says, “I think what Bronwen is doing is really cool, and it promotes women in sports to pursue their passions and take their sports to the highest level, but to still be feminine at the same time.” Wearing a swim wrap while rocketing across the water on any kind of water board, Fiona is a model of powerful femininity.

If the idea of endless summer is as appealing to you as it is to us, put on a swim wrap to bring that seasonal feeling of sunshine, warmth, and waves into any day of your life. Your swim wrap loves to swim, surf, and SUP as much as you do, and you can be year-round best friends.