By Ashley Lodato

By now you’ve probably heard that Outdoor Retailer, which has spent the past two decades hosting outdoor industry trade shows in Salt Lake City, Utah, is moving operations to Denver, Colorado in 2018.

Sure, Outdoor Retailer periodically evaluates its venue, to ensure that it is serving its customers’ culture and business needs. But this year’s evaluation was done with a little more scrutiny, in light of recent environmental and public lands decisions in the Utah legislature that were at odds with the values driving those who attend Outdoor Retailer.

In February 2017, Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed a resolution urging President Trump to rescind the creation of the Bears Ears National Monument on tribal lands in southeastern Utah, newly designated under the Obama administration. Three days later, Patagonia took a stand against the governor’s action by withdrawing from Outdoor Retailer’s Summer Market. Gear companies Arc’teryx, Peak Designs, and Polartec soon followed suit. Patagonia, which was a key player in establishing the national monument, also launched a phone campaign to get Utah residents and others to voice their support for the monument.

In July 2017, after months of speculation, press releases confirmed what had come to seem inevitable: Outdoor Retailer’s move to a state whose progressive philosophy about public lands, conservation, and the spiritual and economic values of outdoor recreation are more aligned with its own.

These pioneers of the outdoor industry are not questioning the value of Outdoor Retailer trade shows; they’re simply blazing the trail of protest against policies and philosophies in Utah that increasingly jeopardize public lands conservation.

For the 10th year in a row, Bronwen Jewelry will be exhibiting at Outdoor Retailer’s final Summer Market in Salt Lake City, but ultimately supports the move to Denver. “As a pioneer of the Active Jewelry category in the outdoor market,” says owner/designer Bronwen Lodato, “I am committed to a host location that values and nurtures the protection of American treasures like the Bears Ears National Monument.”

Bronwen continues, “Even as a young girl I cherished wild places. Later, through my work with Outward Bound, I saw the critical importance of protecting open spaces, dense forests, and free-flowing waterways for future generations.”

Bronwen designs her Active Jewelry line for girls and women like her—gals who like to feel feminine even when they’re out in the mountains, on their bikes and skis, on the rocks, and in the water. Bronwen Jewelry’s active necklaces, wrap bracelets, and artisan earrings hold up over time to the rigors of nature—sand, salt, sweat, water, dirt. They’re strong, water-resistant, rugged yet feminine, and simply sexy. Bronwen Jewelry is for the adventurer; it’s active jewelry that looks good and feels good.

Bronwen Jewelry: jewelry that stands up to nature, a company that stands up for nature.