by Ashley Lodato

As the leaves drift down and darken, the nights lengthen, and the sun's warm glow loses its intensity, we instinctively turn to other sources of light and color in our lives. We light fires, burn candles, wear vibrant scarves. We decorate our homes with wreaths and dried berries, hang garlands, and bake cookies. Where the outside world gives us browns, greys, and whites, we find ways to create sparkle and shine.

Bronwen Jewelry Holiday gifts

At Bronwen Jewelry, we share your craving for bright spots in a season of muted tones. We relish winter's cozy embrace, but we long for more light. Which is why we're so attracted to the warm hues and sparkling gleam of the materials in our studio, which we combine to provide you with the perfect seasonal ensembles. Our collections of handmade artisan jewelry fairly sourced from materials created around the world are vibrant and versatile, dressing you up or down according to your needs.

Whether you're looking to complement the colors of nature's dormant season or add color to your wardrobe when the world outside has grown subdued, we've got something for you.

Color Me Autumn

If late autumn leaves picked themselves up off the ground and transformed themselves into glass beads, our Harmony Wrap Bracelet - Smoky Topaz would be the result. Sultry shades of brown and mocha stack with with mixed metals sterling silver and gold vermeil, harmonizing with nature's carpet under the trees.

When dusk turns to inky black and a cuticle of moon rises over the quiet landscape, Bronwen's Night Sky Necklace helps you celebrate the velvety darkness that serves as a backdrop to lunar light. This water-friendly adjustable necklace from our Active Line is lightweight and sturdy enough to wear through all your activities and complements everything from yoga wear to a business suit (do women still wear business suits?). 

Bronwen Jewelry Holiday gifts

The harvest moon is undeniably beautiful, but you'll eclipse it in your Cascade Drop Earrings Moonstone.  Laser-cut geometric chain in a chevron shape is modern and edgy without being trendy, and the gorgeous bezel-set moonstone adds a weighty elegance in a feather-light format. Of all things celestial, this is our favorite.

Fire it Up

Oh baby, it's cold outside, but the colors you wear are smokin' hot. You might not be able to shoot sparks from the ends of your fingertips (but please let us know if you can!) but your wrists can be on fire with our popular Ribbon Wrap BraceletsFor those seeking a fiery adornment, may we recommend a ribbon wrap in Bella Donna or Fire and Smoke? The hardest part of choosing a ribbon wrap will be settling on just one, but take heart--plenty of women before you have chosen to simply stack two or three complementary wraps, setting their wrists ablaze (aesthetically speaking, of course!).  Wrap bracelets pair beautifully with any of our Glasswrap line as well, so don't hesitate to set your own style on fire with fun and funky combinations.

Bronwen Jewelry Holiday gifts

Hindus believe that rubies contain an inner fire, and we at Bronwen Jewelry tend to agree; there's a reason that the Sanskrit word for "ruby" means "King of Gemstones." Two unique Bronwen pieces give you rubies that reflect your inner fire while adorning your neck with the warm glow of this precious gem: our Ruby Trail Necklace and the Ruby Isis Necklace. Either of these lightweight lovelies featuring faceted ruby nuggets and 24k gold vermeil spacers will light your fire.

Shine On

For sheer unabashed glimmer and gleam that brightens even the most dreary autumn day, we offer you three gorgeous options: the stacking Toltec Three Ring set, the sweet and sturdy Radiance Braceletand the dramatic Cascade Necklace. Any one of these beauties will knock you out with their understated luminescence, and adding to your glow will be the promise that these pieces--like all of the handcrafted jewelry at Bronwen--is backed by our lifetime repair/replace warranty
Bronwen Jewelry Holiday gifts
So go ahead--stir up that hot toddy, pull on those wool socks, curl up on the couch. Welcome the transition of the seasons with open arms. And when you're ready to light things up, Bronwen Jewelry is here for you.