I travel often. I travel for work, I travel for pleasure...heck, I travel for the sake of traveling. People often ask me if traveling so much is exhausting for me but in fact, for me, it is exactly the opposite: I am entirely inspired by living a life in motion.One thing that has been particularly troubling as I contemplate the possibility of having a physical wall built between the US and Mexico is how so many of us will be directly affected in a negative way. Certainly, Mexican immigrants living in the USA have actual life concerns but for those of us with a reliance on exposure to travel and adventure, ethnic textiles, Huichol beaded jewelry and the raw experience of being out of our normal day to day routines.....well, we suffer too.As I have just returned home from my 3rd trip to Mexico in the past year, I feel gratitude now more than ever for the many years of inspiration that Mexico has provided me. I may be a designer of active jewelry but my true inspiration for all the wonderful best selling beaded wrap bracelets and ribbon wrap bracelets and tiny charm necklaces that I see on women (even when I travel!) come from hours spent soaking up the delicious colors and textures of Mexico. The inspiration comes from the thrill of traveling to a country that is not my own and having to find my way with language barriers, food barriers, currency barriers....and most importantly the kindness of strangers.Perhaps that is why I return so often to Mexico...so many things about it feel so stimulating and yet so familiar. I hope I can always consider Mexico an alternate "home."