by Ashley Lodato

Despite murky origins and abundant legends regarding its namesake, Valentines Day has become unmistakably the holiday of love in the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, France, and Australia.

Folklore holds that a 3rd century priest named Valentine was imprisoned--and later martyred--for helping Christians escape from Roman prisons. Before he was put to death, he wrote a love letter to a young girl who had visited him during his confinement and signed it with an expression that has been written on millions of cards and chalky-tasting heart-shaped candies ever since, "From your Valentine." And in the subsequent centuries, poor ill-fated Valentine has been steadfastly promoted as a romantic hero, with cards, candy, flowers, and jewelry being gifted from person to person, acknowledging the simple joy of loving one another. 

True or not, we'll subscribe to that legend. Because with so much hate in this world, shouldn't we all seize every possible opportunity to celebrate love? To paraphrase Martin Luther King Jr, on Valentines Day we all choose to "stick with love."

Flowers fade and candy goes straight to your (insert body part where empty calories tend to take their toll on you), but Bronwen Jewelry lasts forever--just like the love you feel for the most special people in your life. There really is no better gift than a piece of artisan jewelry, especially when it allows you to express love in so many different ways.

Let's reference the Greeks here for a moment and categorize your love. (Merely to help you organize your jewelry shopping, of course.)

Platonic/Familiar Love

For your assistant or child's teacher, a Tiny Charm Happy Heart tells them "you're special." Your mother or daughter will love the Bitty Heart Ring because it reminds them of you every time they glance at their hands. And co-workers or girlfriends will know that the Heart Post Earrings you surprise them with say "you're close to my heart." These staple pieces complement any wardrobe, are swim/sweat/shower friendly, and, like all Bronwen Jewelry, are protected through our lifetime warranty.

Bronwen Jewelry Valentines Jewelry

Erotic/Romantic Love

A classic--but never cliche--Valentines Day gift is a piece of jewelry, often given as a surprise. If you're ever going to delight her with a gift when she least expects it, Valentines Day is your big chance. Stash a Pyrite Triple Necklace in her underwear drawer; slip our Huichol Fiero Earrings Grande into her makeup bag. Just think how thrilled she'll be to see an Ombre Cuff in aquagunmetal, or pewter sitting on the dashboard of her car, or a pair of Cascade Drop Earrings in rainbow moonstone, chalcedony, pyrite, or lemon topaz dangling from her rearview mirror. Or when she arrives at work and sees our Pool Drop Earrings  sitting on her desk (with matching necklace, for bonus points). Catching her off-guard might take some stealth, but the reward of seeing her expression will be well-worth the effort. 

Bronwen Jewelry Valentines Day Active Jewelry

Now let's just cut to the chase here. Let's say you really want to ramp it up this year. You want to give a gift that without fail will show the woman in your life just how unique, special, and beautiful she is to you. Tiny Charms are sweet and Ribbon Wraps encircle her with your love, but nothing says "I'm yours" like our Huichol Beaded Ombre Necklace and Isis Earrings in gold. 

She'll feel like the luckiest girl in the world...and if all goes right, you might get lucky too (unlike our jewelry, warranty on luck not available).

Bronwen Jewelry Ribbon Bracelets

Galentines Love

In 2010, Parks and Recreation's Leslie (Amy Poehler) threw a "Galentines Day" party--a chance for ladies to celebrate ladies. Since then, the concept of Galentines Day has transcended TV and entered mainstream popular culture, with gals far and wide getting together with their besties to honor female friendships.

Your best friends are the ones who've known you since braces and culottes, the ones whose shoulders you cried on when your heart was broken, the ones you called when you got your first real job, the ones who will tell you honestly what you look like and how you're behaving, the ones who know everything about you...and still love you in spite of--or because of--it.

And you love them too. So show them, with one of our signature pieces of artisan jewelry. Your sporty friend will love a bracelet from our Active Jewelry line. The arty pal will swoon over one of our artisan necklaces. And what woman would ever turn up her nose at a new pair of gold or silver post earrings?

Bronwen Jewelry Valentines Day

Valentines Day gifts don't have to break the bank. Sweet, simple tokens of love are often the most appreciated and most versatile offerings on this day of widespread affection. Whether the woman in your life is the one who has been there for you all along, the one you used to squabble with but now adore, or the one you plan to spend the rest of your life with, she will be delighted with a piece of hand-crafted jewelry. And like your love, everything at Bronwen Jewelry is designed to last a lifetime.