by Ashley Lodato

No matter how many posters, glossy ads, billboards, sides of city buses, or magazine inserts we see; no matter how many radio ads we hear; no matter how many Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, or other social media campaigns we view--we're still all most receptive to the most primitive form of advocacy: word of mouth. 

As we imagine it, ever since the first cavewoman grunted to the other cavewomen and pointed to the sisal fiber she'd woven into a cord and tied around her neck with a shiny piece of chert dangling from it--and the other cavewomen rushed out to braid their own sisal necklaces--we've all been relying mostly on those who we respect to give us indications about the things we might like to have, eat, drive, sleep on, ride, and wear.

Kim Havell skiing

And what do we like to wear? Duh, Bronwen Jewelry, of course. And we've yet to find a woman who disagrees with us. Whether you're an athlete, a scholar, an artist, a scientist, a stay-at-home mom, an entreprenuer, a politician, a medical professional, a fashionista, or a lady who lunches, you probably know that there is something flattering for your ears, fingers, neck, wrists, and even ankles right here, at Bronwen Jewelry.

But reaching our wide range of potential customers takes resourcefulness. That's why we're launching our ProMember Search, as we seek women who can help us showcase and promote our brand. We're looking for qualified and approved athletes and outdoor professionals, fitness and wellness leaders, fahion and/or travel writers and bloggers and other lifestyle industry individuals that have a passion for Bronwen Jewelry and the enthusiasm--and commitment--to spread the word. 

Lindsay skiing

A great example of word of mouth advertising occurred in the Bronwen studio in downtown Bend just last month. Ultra runner Krissy Moehl (pronounced "mail") stopped in while passing through Bend. This gal competes in--and usually wins--100+ mile races like the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc and the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance run. And guess what? She's almost always wearing active jewelry when she does it. 

Krissy is coming on board as Bronwen's newest ambassador; you'll read all about her next month. She's a wonderful model of the type of woman who we're looking for in our  ProMember Searchshe's living her passion, she's hard-core as well as compassionate and introspective, and most of all, she's happy to share what she's doing and what she's learning with those who follow her.

Krissy Moehl running

Now, you don't have to run 100 miles, or even 1 mile, to represent Bronwen. You just need to do something that gives you some public visibility and puts you in a position to offer--you guessed it--word of mouth promotion. If you've got followers or an attentive audience, you might be just the person we're looking for. We think it's a mutually beneficial partnership. We provide you with jewelry you love, and you provide us with visual and written testimony about how much you love it. 

To find out if you qualify for Bronwen's ProMember program, visit our ProMember Search page. Let's find out if we can collaborate. 

Now while we have your attention, we can't resist directing your attention to some of our new artisan jewelry pieces. Fall is in the air and everyone is all crazy about tangerine this and pumpkin spice that. We know what goes just perfectly with those earthy fall colors: gold and jewel tones. Dress up that marigold sweater with a Jade Cobra Wrap Bracelet and a pair of gold Semplice Earrings; accent that amber frock with a Prayer Flag Necklace and Tiny Charm Lotus Earrings. Your gaze may be on the honey and butterscotch colored autumn leaves piling up outside, but everyone else will be looking at you and your own fall display.