by Ashley Lodato

Oh baby, it's cold outside! And you really can't stay, so you've planned a few weekend getaways to liven up your winter.

Packing your clothes for these getaways? Easy-peasy. But what about your jewelry? You're certainly not going to schlep your entire collection with you, but you also don't have the time to figure out the accessories for each outfit as you pack it.

The solution? Simply follow Bronwen Jewelry's recommendations for active jewelry and artisan jewelry for three types of winter weekend escapes, and you'll have handcrafted pieces to complement anything you wear.


In the sand and surf, your attire will be minimal. This is a great opportunity to let your active jewelry take center stage! Fear not the tarnishing effects of wind and water; with Bronwen Jewelry you can dare to bare your jewelry to the elements. All of Bronwen Jewelry's line of Active Jewelry necklaces, bracelets, and earrings will withstand the rigors of salt, sand, and sweat, so you can surf, swim, run, and dance the night away with your jewelry no worse for the wear. And our Swim Wrap Bracelets? Tailor-made for time in the waves.

Bronwen Jewelry Travel Beach Jewelry

Grab that Sueño Beach Bag and throw the following into a Ziplock baggie:

Bronwen Jewelry Beach Bag

* Your favorite repurposed swimwear fabric Swim Wrap Bracelet. Oh heck, throw in two--they're tiny. And boy do they set off your swimsuit nicely. For kicks, treat yourself to a matching swimsuit from Carve Designs.

Bronwen Jewelry Swim Wraps

* Your Tiny Charm Wave Necklace will allow you to surf the curl with the best of them, even if only in your own mind. And honestly, with jewelry this sporty, it doesn't really matter if you're a pro or a novice; if you feel great, you'll look great.

Bronwen Jewelry Wave Necklace

* The Waterweave Bracelet is one of our most popular and versatile pieces. It layers seamlessly with nearly any other bracelet and transitions effortlessly from the playa to the disco, looking casual by day with your swimsuit and elegant by night with your sundress. Hard to believe this Czech glass beauty is sun, sweat, and sand friendly, but it's been on the Salmon River, the Penobscot River, the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Indian Ocean and so far no water challenge has been a match for the Waterweave.

Bronwen Jewelry Waterweave

* The Solstice Anklet is the piece that will convert you to an anklet fan. Anklets are too bohemian for you? Too self-consciously casual? After you wear the Solstice Anklet, you'll never scoff at anklets again. 


Although your jewelry will make more peek-a-boo appearances on a ski trip than on a beach getaway, you can still use it to your advantage. Small and sleek is the name of the game with jewelry for alpine and Nordic alike, as you don't want it catching on your helmet or tangling in your hat.

Bronwen Jewelry

No need to deliberate; just pack these pieces for slopestyle chic:

* Your Tiny Charm Snowflake Necklace will be the envy of anyone in mittens. Delicate and elegant, this lightweight charm is as durable as they come. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. 

Post Earrings won't get in the way of your hat or your helmet, and they look oh so stunning both on the chairlift and in the summit cafe. Tiny Charm Earrings are equally convenient and won't cramp your style while you fiddle with goggles or buffs. All Bronwen Jewelry posts and Tiny Charm earrings come with flexible earring backs, so you don't have to worry about a headband dislodging your earring while you're playing in the powder.

Bronwen Jewelry Earrings

* If you really want to ramp up your game, layer the snowflake necklace with a Landscape Mountain NecklaceBoth do fine in the shower and won't be harmed by the sweat you cook up working the bumps or V1-ing up those hills.

Après-ski, however, is a whole different story, and depending on your locale, bling can be the name of the game. Whether you're in the shi-shi night spots of Aspen or the more provincial watering holes of Bend, you simply can't go wrong with the Glasswrap BraceletBecause it's water-friendly, you can wrap your wrist in the morning before you hit the slopes, and leave this versatile piece on from dawn through dark. Then slip off your post earrings in favor of the Isis Earrings, and you're ready for whatever après-ski throws your way.

Bronwen Jewelry Glasswrap Bracelet


Date night? Girls' weekend out? It doesn't matter; either way you're going to pack the same jewelry for your urban outing:

* Bronwen Jewelry's Mixed Metal Semplice Earrings are the epitome of understated beauty and simple elegance. The sterling silver and 24 karat gold vermeil are in perfect harmony with each other and these earrings drop gracefully from your ears with a tiny sway. They're equally at home when worn with a little black dress or jeans and a flannel shirt, so don't hesitate to make them your go-to pieces for your city stay.

* The Pyrite Triple Wrap Necklace is simplicity and beauty at its best. Faceted pyrite shimmers between studs of 24k gold vermeil and wraps your neck up to three times (and depending on your wrist size, makes a whopper of a pretty bracelet) and literally works with everything in your closet. Dress it up or dress it down, you'll love the delicate look but strong construction of this beauty. It's a Bronwen Jewelry staple. 

Bronwen Jewelry Pewter Ombre Cuff

* Our Harmony Wrap Bracelet gives you the illusion that you're wearing two bracelets, but it's really just one strong piece with a provocative range of metals and glass beads. It dresses up or dresses down, and with its adjustable clasp, can even be worn as a bold choker.

* Anchoring your urban ensemble is your Ombre Pewter Cuff. This luminous piece fairly shimmers, and looks delicate but feels pliable and comfortable. Handcrafted by women in a Colombian artisan cooperative, this bracelet is fully adjustable and complements all wrists. 

Not currently planning a winter weekend getaway? Not a problem. Even if you're at home with the winter blues due to the dark and cold, just the sparkle of precious metals can be enough to lift the spirits. Gold is especially warming at this time of year, even for die-hard silver purists. Among our favorite pieces that seem to bring us the warmth of the sun are:

* the Catania Earrings, which glow with an inner heat:

* our Roam Beaded Diamond Earrings, whose cream gold with hints of amber in the middle conjure up images of bonfires;

* and our Circle of Life Necklace, which serves as a reminder of the cycle of the seasons, which even in the cold dark days of winter reassures us that all is in balance, all is in harmony.

Bronwen Jewelry Active Jewelry