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Frazada - Pink Yellow Stripe

Bronwen's favorite textile ever, our frazadas will bring a sophisticated global element to your home. Literally meaning “blanket” in Spanish, frazadas are traditionally used in the Andes to protect against the chill of the high altitudes but when used with a rug pad these make amazing area rugs as well. Dating back to Pre-Columbian times, the thick, warm and sturdy weave of these pieces helped combat the cold temperatures of the highlands. 

The skill of weaving has been passed down through generations and most start learning well before their tenth birthday. The colors, patterns, and techniques of each piece are completely unique and are a reflection of the weaver. Because each piece is a reflection of the weaver, you know that you are adding a completely unique piece to your home.

Each frazada is 100% natural, as it is made from sheep and/or alpaca wool and natural dyes.

  • vintage pieces, these woven textiles are 20-30 years old
  • artisan made in Peru
  • 64" x 64"
  • these are original works of art and very rare and valuable
  • can be used to recover/reupholster a bench or chair