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Freya Hat - Heather Blush/Mauve

We are hat people! We've been searching for a line of hats that are not only beautiful to wear but also tell an important story of how they are made. Hats that will last a lifetime and not go out of style the next season. Hats to invest in because they are not mass produced and they support a woman-centric indigenous craft important to preserving a culture.

All Freya products are made by hand in Ecuador, by artisans and family-owned businesses where traditional craftsmanship is apprenticed from one generation to the next.  The palms are harvested and prepared for weaving in the villages through a traditional, manual process.  The weavers are women  - mothers, daughters and grandmothers - who have learned their craft from generations before them and their technique has survived for over 3,000 years.  Weaving is their primary source of income, and they do it alongside domestic responsibilities, as well as tending to their land.

  • Natural straw fedora with elastic inner band for comfy fit
  • 9cm brim length
  • Hand Woven Panama Hat from Paja Toquilla straw
  • Each hat is unique and reflects the natural beauty & variation of the handicraft process
  • UPF 50
  • Made in Ecuador
  • Sizing (55 cm - 57 cm)
    $116.00 $210.00