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Pom Pom Hat - Painted Stripe

Exclusive prints this year, limited quantities available only at Bronwen Jewelry! Our sumptuous winter hats are the ultimate in looking unique amidst all those other pom hats out there - prepare for compliments! Handmade exclusively for us by RUSI HATS in Bozeman MT, each pom is carefully crafted from recycled fur garments (yes, real animal fur) and features a snap on/off attachment for easy washing or wearing as a beanie instead. Please note, each pom is entirely unique so the picture featured here may not be the exact pom you receive. Shown in grey.

  • luxe fabric is deliciously soft and not itchy in the least
  • perfect for art and color lovers
  • one size fits most
  • handmade in Bozeman, MT
  • lifetime warranty does not apply to this product
$58.00 $72.00

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