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Warranty & Repairs

Lifetime. I know, right? Our number one priority is for our handmade jewelry to make you very, very happy. We guarantee the quality of all of our jewelry products. If anything is defective upon receiving the item, or if the item should fail in anyway within one year we will replace it or repair it free of charge. Our many loyal customers know how wonderful our repair program is - so we ask that you too do your best to take care of your jewelry.

If your piece has endured rugged wear over the years and needs an “overhaul”, then that is just plain awesome and means you are living right girlfriend! Please be mindful of cleaning and care instructions and Bronwen Jewelry should never be worn in water unless identified as a “water-friendly” active jewelry piece. This will ensure that your jewelry lasts for a very long time. You will be responsible for the any shipping costs associated with shipping a non-defective return item back to Bronwen Jewelry.

There are times in life we when we gain weight, lose weight, color our hair, get pregnant, shave our heads, get tatoos...whatever! If you love a piece of our jewelry but it needs some "changing" or "modifying" to stay in your current list of favorites, just mail it in with the form; if it warrants a small fee, we'll contact you before proceeding.  We think you'll find us to be very acommodating. Jewelry is only beautiful if the woman wearing it feels like herself in it - so don't hesitate to reach out.

Please print and fill out this form and return it with your repair item and we'll do our best to get it back to you before you even know it's missing.  Mail all repairs to:

Bronwen Jewelry

Att: Repairs

856 NW Bond St, Ste 202

Bend, OR 97703