Our Ambassadors


2022 winter Olympian, Novie McCabe, may have had nordic skiing genes in her blood since birth, but for Novie it's her heart and mind that keep her dedicated to the sport.

Born and raised in Washington State's Methow Valley—a Nordic skiing mecca—Novie is now a sophomore at University of Utah, a member of that school's collegiate team, a member of the US Ski Team,
and a fast-rising star on the international Nordic racing circuit.

Chelsey Magness

One look at her radiant mud-spattered face and you can see echoes of the little girl Chelsey once was, making dirt pies and building tree forts in the Alaska wilderness. As an athlete and adventurer who has built her life and career around racing and hard-core sports, Chelsey has always been a gal whose heart beats faster and whose mind is sharper when she's pushing her limits. 

Nikki Smith

The first time she tied into a rope and started up a rock face, says Nikki Smith, “I knew it was what I wanted to do. Nothing else existed when I was there—just the rock, holds, and [the people] with me.” On rock and ice, Nikki is grace and power, strength and strategy. Her expression is relaxed, even carefree, working her way up rock faces and frozen waterfalls that at best look daunting to the average climber—and downright death-defying to those of us whose best days on the sharp end are behind us.”

Olivia Hsu

Olivia trains hard and needs her jewelry to keep up with both her workouts and her travel schedule, which takes her all over the world on climbing trips and yoga retreats.

Jill Wheeler

Jill is the founder of the Wellfit Institute , a multi-disciplinary approach to health and fitness through yoga classes, adventure travel, life coaching, counseling, and motivational talks for individuals, families, businesses, and other groups. Her aim is simple—empowerment.

Krissy Moehl

“I like to say I was raised by wolves,” Krissy says, “because running 30 miles at a stretch and then doing a 20-mile run the next day is not normal in your 20s. But I was just 22 when I found this community and got into the long runs, so it seemed normal to me.”