Our Team

Bronwen Lodato


Why Bronwen? I love playing on this team! I've never met a more capable line-up of Swiss Army Knife women! Making beautiful jewelry while laughing with people I love? I can't name a single other job I'd rather have.

Current Obsession: I'm living in the Handy Huggie Hoops/medium/gold - they are the only earrings I can sleep in AND still look snazzy with all the "fancy" stuff in my closet. I also haven't taken off the Friendship Rings set of three since we made them. They represent my lovely little family of 3.

Amelia Valleton

Business Operations

Why Bronwen? I was a fan of Bronwen and the mission long before coming onboard. A brand that is all about empowering women to feel good enjoying an active life, creating a sustainable product, supporting local community and global efforts - count me in! Add to that working with a group of amazingly creative women, wearing the jewelry and being part of the collaborative process truly makes it a great place to be!

Current Obsession: The Active Crystal necklace. I’m wearing it nearly every day and have it in both lengths for different layering looks. It’s versatile and adds just a bit of sparkle to everyday!

Cara McGarvey

Product Development Operations

Why Bronwen? Every day I get to work with a group of women who genuinely support each other and make you feel like you’re capable of doing anything! It’s hard to not feel empowered when I am surrounded by my little jewelry family. 

Current Obsession: My current faves are my short Catania earrings in gold - they're a perfect way to dress up my typically cozy and *ultra* casual day to day outfit. If I'm feeling extra snazzy I'll pop a pair of gold Handy Huggie Hoops into my second set to complete the vibe!

Melissa Kelley

Sourcing/Fulfillment Operations

Why Bronwen? I had the pleasure of meeting Bronwen while living here in Bend and once a position became available to be a part of the Bronwen Jewelry team, I jumped at the chance. Literally, jumped! Working with a creative crew of women who share the love of being outdoors makes it seem like it's not even work. 

Current Obsession: I love the new design of the Active Crystal Necklace. It is a fresh look on a classic Bronwen piece. It is the perfect pop of sparkle by itself and it is so lightweight, I forget I am even wearing it. Plus, I never leave my house without my gold honeybee posts.

Ingrid Decker

Production/Design Lead

Why Bronwen? I get to make beautiful art all day while venting and laughing and listening to music with these amazing women. Doing what I love with such a supportive team makes a workday not feel like work.

Current Obsession: I'm currently loving the pathfinder bracelet, it's delicate looking but strong as heck. And I love the Featherlight, it's nice to have such a lightweight necklace I can put on and forget about.

Beatrice Howell

Retail Store Manager/Social Media

Why Bronwen? I adore this team! I stand behind the values of a brand that creates sustainable products, supports fair trade, and celebrates women. I honestly feel grateful every day because I've been provided a platform to grow as a professional, while being supported by a group that feels like family. Plus – I'm always learning something new! Being an outdoorsy, creative gal who lives an active lifestyle, Bronwen Jewelry is the perfect niche.

Current Obsession: I won't lie about the fact that I have a sparkle obsession. I never take off my Pyrite Journey necklace. It's the right balance of simple, durable and glam! You can find me wearing gemstones at the climbing crag ;) #SorryNotSorry

Christie Dobson

Director of Wholesale Sales

Why Bronwen? I love selling high quality products for active outdoor women and I adore the entrepreneurial story behind the brand. Being able to feel a little more feminine in the backcountry or while dirt bagging around, makes Bronwen Jewelry a perfect choice for my lifestyle. 

Current Obsession: The Enamel Cascade earrings! They’re light and fun. I can sleep in them, bike in them and they pair well with my Happy Hour outfit, when I clean up and attempt to look like I didn’t just walk out of the woods.  I love these styles that I can play in in the backcountry but  also wear to town.  Less is more and 1 pair does it all!   

Kristi Mellum

Customer Service/Retail/Production

Why Bronwen? I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Bronwen team! It’s amazing to be surrounded by such incredible women who lift each other up. Combining my love for the outdoors, crafting jewelry, and sustainability feels like a dream come true. Working for a female owned company that genuinely cares about the environment, community, and supporting fellow female entrepreneurs globally is truly empowering!

Current Obsession: I am absolutely hooked on the gold Handy Huggie Hoops and the turquoise trail necklace! They’ve been a constant part of my look for months now. It’s amazing how they effortlessly add a trendy touch, even when I am in my sweaty running or mountain biking gear.

Kacey Taylor

Retail Sales

Why Bronwen? I’ve been a dedicated Bronwen fan ever since I was introduced to the beautiful woman by that name, and her amazing business (which was about 12 years ago now!). I am rarely seen wearing anything that is NOT Bronwen Jewelry. I love the timeless design and details, the durability, and resilient finishes. It feels like almost every day I get compliments on something I am wearing – so of course, I direct the person to the brand and explain why I love it so much. Working in the retail store is a no brainer for me… I get to surround myself with things that I love AND help others to find the pieces that they love too. It hardly feels like “work” at all!

Current Obsession: The enamel cascade line (earrings, bracelet, and necklace) is my jam right now. I love that I can dress them up, or keep it casual with a t-shirt and jeans. My tried-and-true necklace that I almost always have on though is the Trail Necklace in turquoise… it’s been through a lot of seasons and activities with me!

Holly Dierdorff

Retail Sales

Why Bronwen? I have been a Bronwen jewelry fan for years and am constantly complimented on any piece that I might be wearing.  When an opportunity came up to work for this incredible company, I couldn’t hide my excitement because I not only love the jewelry, I love the story behind the company. I am excited to now be part of this amazing team and share the joy and beauty with others in the retail store.

Current Obsession: Hands down, the cascade earrings.  I have them in different lengths in both gold and silver.  They are my go-to earring for travel or work because they are so lightweight but bring an elegance to any look.    I am also loving the journey necklace in turquoise for a fun pop of color.