Our Team

Bronwen Lodato


Why Bronwen? I love playing on this team! All of my individual responsibilities seem utterly do-able because I've got the support and talent of the finest team of women ever! 

Current Obsession: I'm living in the Relic Earrings/short/silver - they love working out with me and still look snazzy with all the "fancy" stuff in my closet. I also haven't taken off the Cascade Enamel Bracelet in white for about 6 months so I guess that qualifies as obsessed!

Jessica Marshall

Director of Operations

Why Bronwen? It is truly powerful to witness this team take on each day with stride turning our company's vision into a reality.  The enthusiasm each person brings is contagious and empowering!

Current Obsession: My absolute favorite Bronwen Jewelry piece is our classic customer favorite - the Turquoise Trail Necklace.  Mine is tried and true and it hasn't left my side for a number of years.  The Arizona Turquoise reminds me of the inspiration I draw from the beauty of the southwestern landscape. 

Christie Dobson

Director of Wholesale Sales

Why Bronwen? I love selling high quality products for active outdoor women and I adore the entrepreneurial story behind the brand. Being able to feel a little more feminine in the backcountry or while dirt bagging around, makes Bronwen Jewelry a perfect choice for my lifestyle. 

Current Obsession: Standard Hoop earrings, I love how they feel when I shake my head!

Amelia Valleton

Office Manager/Operations

Why Bronwen? I was a fan of Bronwen and the mission long before coming onboard. A brand that is all about empowering women to feel good enjoying an active life, creating a sustainable product, supporting local community and global efforts - count me in! Add to that working with a group of amazingly creative women, wearing the jewelry and being part of the collaborative process truly makes it a great place to be!

Current Obsession: Calavera Necklace- layers with all other necklaces perfectly and is a great pop of color added to any outfit. As the gemstones are all different, no two are the same (which I also love)!

Olivia Meckel

Digital Marketing/Retail

Why Bronwen? Being a part of the Bronwen team has allowed me to focus on early career development while finishing up my Bachelors degree in Business Administration. I thrive being part of a team who empowers each other to pursue whatever the heck we want out of life. It is easy to love what you do when you love who you do it with! 

Current Obsession: The Journey Necklace in Pyrite. It is essential as a gal on the go!

Beatrice Howell

Retail Store Manager

Why Bronwen? I adore working with a brand that celebrates women. Being a part of the Bronwen team has encouraged me to share my creativity and develop leadership skills that I didn't know I had. The team has provided me the tools to discover my strengths, and autonomy as a manager. Everyone is incredibly kind, supportive, and balanced; I couldn't ask for a better group. 

Current Obsession: My current obsession in the Bronwen Jewelry line is the Condesa Necklace in Aqua. This necklace has been my lucky charm from the summit of Broken Top, to the backcountry of the Sierra Nevada. I'm obsessed with the bright blue pop of color, it just makes me smile!

Cara McGarvey

Production Manager/Design

Why Bronwen? Every day I get to work with a group of women who genuinely support each other and make you feel like you’re capable of doing anything! It’s hard to not feel empowered when I am surrounded by my little jewelry family. 

Current Obsession: The Calavera Necklace, because everyone could use a little rainbow in their life!

Ingrid Decker


Why Bronwen? I get to make beautiful art all day while venting and laughing and listening to music with these amazing women. Doing what I love with such a supportive team makes a workday not feel like work.

Current Obsession: The active charm crescent moon bracelet because I love mixed metals and a bracelet that I can be really rough with.

Melissa Kelley


Why Bronwen? I had the pleasure of meeting Bronwen while living here in Bend and once a position became available to be a part of the Bronwen Jewelry team, I jumped at the chance. Literally, jumped! Working with a creative crew of women who share the love of being outdoors makes it seem like it's not even work. 

Current Obsession: The Tree Rings Necklace because it reminds me of the continuous growth and strength we have in our lives. Plus, I never leave the house without my honeybee posts.



Why Bronwen? Being a part of the Bronwen team gives me the ability to utilize my creativity and craftsmanship skills, while having the opportunity to pursue my outdoor passions (hiking and backpacking in the beautiful PNW).

Current Obsession: The waterweave bracelet and timberline necklace - both are perfect for my mountain adventures.

Kristi Mellum


Why Bronwen? I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Bronwen team! It’s amazing to be surrounded by such incredible women who lift each other up. Combining my love for the outdoors, crafting jewelry, and sustainability feels like a dream come true. Working for a female owned company that genuinely cares about the environment, community, and supporting fellow female entrepreneurs globally is truly empowering!

Current Obsession: I am absolutely hooked on the gold Handy Huggie Hoops and the turquoise trail necklace! They’ve been a constant part of my look for months now. It’s amazing how they effortlessly add a trendy touch, even when I am in my sweaty running or mountain biking gear.