Our customers love our handmade jewelry line for its ability to withstand all the rigors of active life. We choose raw materials of the highest quality, and our team of craftswomen are meticulous about constructing products that are built to last. We warranty our jewelry against defects in materials and construction failure for the lifespan of the product which is one year of active life. Our jewelry is crazy strong and resilient but it’s not indestructible; it wouldn’t be pretty and affordable if it was!

While we guarantee the lifespan of our jewelry to be one year of active use, we often learn of our customers enjoying our jewelry well beyond the one-year mark! Founded in 2008, we still are hearing today from our customers who have owned a favorite piece from our founding era that needs a little TLC.

We believe that all high-quality products are worth repairing rather than retiring. We routinely have customers come to us with jewelry that has been going strong for over 10 years without needing repair, but we also have a robust repair program and many of our loyal customers utilize this awesome service. Our warranty is for 1 year, but we can repair most Bronwen Jewelry styles after the one-year warranty period for a reasonable fee.

All jewelry produced by Bronwen Jewelry is warranted against defects in materials and construction for one year or until the product is no longer being produced. Our warranty applies to the original owner of the jewelry, and we may require proof of purchase to verify. Not all repairs are covered by our warranty but may be eligible for repair for a reasonable fee. Our warranty does not cover wear and tear, maintenance, tarnishing, lost jewelry or jewelry parts, unwanted knots and tangling, allergic reactions, accidents, misuse, neglect, improper care, or the natural breakdown of materials over time. We will always do our best to get you back out there adventuring in your jewelry and our production team thanks you for understanding the true cost of handcrafted goods.

We love jewelry, not just our own jewelry, but other brands too! Some of the jewelry items available to purchase on our website are produced by other jewelry companies and those items are indicated WorldScout in the product’s description. These items are not intended for active use and are not covered by the Bronwen Jewelry warranty. Our warranty program is for jewelry that we build.

Bronwen Jewelry will evaluate all warranty claims on a case-by-case basis and determine at our discretion if our warranty applies to the claim. If an item is determined to be covered by our warranty, we will repair or replace the item free of charge. Items that are not covered by our warranty may be repaired at a reasonable cost determined at our discretion. Bronwen Jewelry will provide the repair costs and obtain approval from the customer before proceeding with a repair.

To begin a warranty claim or repair, follow this link to fill out our online repair form. Once we have received your submitted form, we will follow up with further information and instructions specific to your case.

For all repairs and warranty claims, the customer will be responsible for shipping and costs to send in the item for repair. Bronwen Jewelry will be responsible for shipping and costs to send the repaired item to the customer if the address is a US address. If the address is outside the US we will require a $25 shipping fee.