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Bronwen Welcomes First Ambassador, Olivia Hsu


Bronwen Jewelry is thrilled to welcome its first Brand Ambassador, climber and yogi Olivia Hsu. Olivia began practicing yoga while attending law school at the University of New South Wales in Australia. Already a climber, Olivia was intrigued by the art of movement and found that the flexibility and balance associated with yoga complemented and enhanced her climbing technique. When Olivia realized that she could make a greater contribution to society through climbing and yoga than through the law, she abandoned the legal profession and embarked on a career as a climber and yoga teacher.

Now just wait a minute,” you’re thinking. “In what ways do climbers and yoga teachers contribute to the common good?” Let us name just a few. First, the practice of yoga cultivates a focused mindfulness, bringing an internal awareness to the self. Those who practice yoga typically feel less stressed and more calm, as yoga fosters internal tranquility in a world of chaos. Yoga is good for your heart, breathing, posture, and general health; yoga can also lessen chronic pain and nurture healthy weight loss. All of the health benefits result in decreased demands on the health care system, while the mindfulness training creates more thoughtful and centered members of society. And although we can’t speak for all climbers, let us tell you a story about Olivia that shows just how climbing can open doors that lead to cultural awareness and empathy.

Last December Olivia was climbing in Turkey when a group of Romanian climbers learned that she was a yoga teacher and asked her to teach a class for them. After the class, the climbers cooked Olivia a dinner and encouraged her to bring yoga to Romania. Ten months later, Olivia is headed to Romania to teach yoga and climb, circumnavigating all the major climbing areas and offering yoga workshops in each place. A resident of yoga-studio strewn Boulder, CO, Olivia is most excited to bring this special gift to a yoga-less part of the world. Hearing this story gave us a new-found appreciation for our abundant yoga classes in Bend!

What does Olivia do when she’s not training, climbing, or teaching yoga? She models for Yoga Journal and other publications. And she admits to occasionally lying on the couch and eating potato chips. We love this girl.

Olivia says she is honored to represent Bronwen Jewelry and wear our beautiful creations, most of which are designed with rock, water, sand, and sweat in mind. Olivia trains hard—5 or 6 hours each day—and needs her jewelry to keep up with both her workouts, her regular yoga classes, and her travel schedule, which takes her all over the world on climbing trips and yoga retreats.

Olivia is currently spending a few weeks on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca followed by ten days on the Petzl Roc Trip in Turkey before bringing her mat and talents to the people of Romania. Which Bronwen Jewelry pieces are in her luggage? Perhaps her Calypso Bracelet and Necklace, or her Elements Necklace and the Beaded Semplice Earrings? The Chevron Necklace is perfect for deep water soloing in Mallorca, and Ribbon Wrap Bracelets and Tiny Charm Necklaces are essential for the traveler who wants to show a little color and sparkle. And Olivia is sure to have packed her fave, the Sparkly Cuff bracelet for dressing up yoga pants and climbing tanks. Whatever the accessory, you can be sure that as Olivia jams, stems, lifts, and stretches her way across Europe, she’ll be bringing Bronwen with her.

Help us build our growing team of Bronwen Ambassadors! If you know an athlete, photographer, artist, musician, designer, film-maker, or any other outdoorsy or imaginative type of person whose life and work are rooted in creativity and compassion, and who might be a good fit for our team, let us know. We care less about which routes they’ve put up and which awards they’ve won and more about how their active pursuits make them better humanitarians, environmentalists and citizens of planet earth.

Follow us on Instagram @bronwenjewelry Follow Olivia and her adventures on Instagram @olicow *photo credits: Cary Jobe Photography, Caroline Treadway